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Apr 11, 2009 05:41 PM

Favorite Morningstar product?

I am NOT a vegetarian, but I enjoy some Morningstar stuff. For instance, the veggie bites are crazy good-broccoli and cheese, or spinach and artichoke. I also really love the Italian chicken(less) patties, but I thought the Buffalo nuggets were too spicy, and I really didn't care for the taste. They used to have these things called (I think) grillers, which seemed like a tiny bean and cheese burrito, but I guess they stopped making them. What are some other good ones I can look out for? PS-I hated their bacon.

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    1. re: hill food

      My kids love the corn dogs and the chix patties too.

    2. I'm not a vegetarian and neither is. my family, but all of us love their chix patties

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      1. re: dagwood

        We eat those often. The burgers aren't bad, but love the Chix! Bocas are good too.

        1. re: dagwood

          Amen- love them on a toasted bun with mayo and cheese.

        2. I eat their sausage patties pretty much daily. The links should be avoided though.
          Love their chicken patties too.
          Also love their 'grillers prime' burgers. They taste like real meat burgers with a hint of onion.

          The bacon is like bacon cracker to me. Not a good substitute for bacon, but the flavor is ok.

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          1. re: stolenchange

            I second the Grillers Prime rec. Not quite identical to a real burger but amazingly close for a veggie product.

            1. re: stolenchange

              Why should the links be avoided? They're my favorite.

            2. I love their 'chicken' strips, but I've been vegan for 6 years so I kinda forgot what real chicken tastes like.., I don't know how a meat eater would feel about them.
              & I agree the bacon sucks.

              1. Has anyone noticed that the Chix Patties have a weird taste to them all of a sudden? I've been buying these for years and preferred them to the Boca "chicken" patties, but I've bought them three or four times in the past 6 months (just to make sure I didn't get a bad batch) and each time there has been an unusual flavor I don't care for. All I can compare it to is the taste of cheese that is past its prime...almost that "manure" taste. For the time being I've switched to Boca patties, though I've found that Morningstar Chix nuggets don't taste any different and are as delicious as ever.

                Getting back to your question, the Grillers Prime are great, but I've found that the Grillers Original are very good too, and are at bit lower in fat and calories. The sausage patties that others have mentioned are very good, though I actually like the sausage links and the bacon as well, whereas others here don't seem to enjoy them. I used to like the corn dogs but now find them a bit nauseating. The burger crumbles are great for recipes, the hot dogs are pretty good (though a bit salty), and I have the new Italian Sausages in my freezer but haven't yet gotten to try them. Enjoy!

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                1. re: Laura D.

                  I haven't seen the Italian Sausages before. Please try them out and report back. :) I just took at look at their website and they now offer maple sausage patties and bbq riblets. I'm curious to try both.

                  1. re: stolenchange

                    The website also lists Thai and Asian Veggie burgers. I *have* to locate these, don't believe I've seen them yet at the store. Everything I've tried from Morningstar is delish. When I find a sale, watch out, time to stock up,especially on Grillers, Corn Dogs and Bacon Strips.

                  2. re: Laura D.

                    So I had an Italian Sausage last night and wanted to report back. First of all, it wasn't cooked properly, as it had been microwaved the evening before with the intention of being eaten, wasn't eaten, was refrigerated, and was then heated in a frying pan last evening in order to finally be eaten. That being said, I would say it was good but not amazing. It was a bit dry and crumbly, which could have been thanks to our poor cooking methods, but this was particularly surprising due to the fact that other burger and sausage products from Morningstar are at times almost greasy. Also, it crumbled very easily as opposed to holding its shape, yet this almost was beneficial as the only way it seemed to get the inside hot was to crumble it. My only other complaint was that it had fennel seeds in it and I'm not a huge fennel fan. But, mixed with marinara and served over pasta it was quite good, though I also enjoy serving the chicken patties with pasta in this manner. Not sure I would buy them again but they were definitely worth checking out!

                    1. re: Laura D.

                      I crumble the italian sausage into hash. My dad couldnt tell the difference.

                      1. re: rozz01

                        I love the Italian Sausage. With peppers and onions on a bun - easy, quick, fairly healthy lunch. I also crumble them up and put them in an omelette (again with peppers and onions and mozzarella).
                        I usually have a freezer full of Morningstar stuff. I'm a big fan of the bacon - LOVE the sausage patties (the links are okay with me, but I prefer the patties), chik'n patties, and the garden veggie burger. I used to live on the buffalo wings in college, but I've sort of lost my taste for them. I think the only thing I really don't like are their hot dogs.