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Apr 11, 2009 05:29 PM

Need up-to-date recs for roadtrip providence to P'town

Hi NE hounds

Need your ideas for good dinner options between Providence and Provincetown. Will be a roadtrip and aim to eat somewhere decent before getting into P'town late Thursday evening. All cuisines considered. Nothing super fancy...just decent local cooking at its best. Absolutely no fast food. Thanks!!

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  1. Scotty- Have you done a search on this board yet? Many good places have been discussed. I recommend Brewster Fish House on Rt6A, if it's open yet. I think it is. Take Exit 10 off the Mid Cape Highway (Rt 6).

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      Brewster Fish House is indeed open!!

    2. Hmm..local cooking...Well the Atwoods are as local as you can find at Red Pheasant and they have a bistro menu. Located on 6 A in Dennis. Easy on and off the highway.

      1. Roadtrip? Dude, it's and hour and half drive...grab a coffee at DnD and see you in P-Town

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          Ha...good point Ronk...:)

          Thanks for the other replies...:)

        2. Hi Scotty,
          Sorry I missed your Thursday deadline, but I wanted to give some input for your next trek to Ptown: I love the Fairway in Eastham, right on rte 6. Excellent pizza and ribs. Comfortable, casual, reasonable prices. My husband and I eat there often on Friday nights. We prefer to eat in the bar since our own kids are grown now and we prefer a more relaxed, adult atmosphere when we dine out The bar is small, but fun because the locals are very friendly and everyone feels welcome. Another recommendation: we often take the slow road back home after a Cape weekend. Try rte 6A sometime and stop at the Scargo Cafe in Dennis for lunch (dinner is great, too, but more pricey, of course) and make sure you finish with their phenomenal grapenut pudding. You will not be sorry!

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            Thanks for the tips Brouillard - next time I go up will try.

            Well, thanks/kudos to ciclista who recommended Brewster Fish House. We stopped off there around 8.30pm on the thursday evening en route to P'Town. It was excellent!! Tasted some of the best Mussels I've ever had...fresh from Orleans that afternoon. In a red broth with garlic. Superb. My wife had fantastic scallops for her main and I had a beautiful pan fried monkfish. I was seriously impressed with this place. P'town eats were decent but nothing came close to the meal we had at the Brewster Fish House. Can't wait to go back next time we head up from CT. Thanks again NE Hounds...!