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Apr 11, 2009 04:48 PM

artichokes turn black despite...

I trimmed baby artichokes and immediately put them in a bowl with acidulated water (uses lemons). Within minutes black marks appeared on the leaves--the outer leaves as well as the inside leaves. I've never experienced this before. Any ideas what might be the problem?? Do you think they're still edible...although they're not very appetizing looking.

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  1. even if you put them in acidulated water, any surface of the artichoke that's exposed to air can potentially turn black - particularly after contact with certain metals. (if your knives are carbon steel, that's a likely culprit). you need to make sure they're *completely* immersed/covered when you put them in the water...some people also rub extra lemon juice directly on the leaves for a little added insurance before dropping them into the water.

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      and they are still good to eat - it's just a visual thing

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        Rubbin extra lemon on them doesn't help I think. Normally what I do. Still yummy!

    2. And work fast! Practice helps.