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Studio City Recommendations?

Anyone have any recommendations on a great restaurant in Studio City? We're open on the kind of food...pretty much like everything...just something not too expensive.

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  1. a] max - a couple miles west, worth it
    b] boneyard bistro - same sherman oaks area
    c] risotto - vent bvd/coldwater [trying it at 7 myself]
    d] bollywood cafe - vent bvd/vineland area [no history; looks ok, will try next w/my pescatarian dgtr]]

    1. second boneyard bistro and max

      on tujunga, Caioti for interesting pizza, salads, and pasta

      1. Out Take Cafe on ventura! It's past Laurel a bit. Make sure to get the potato vareniki. I'm not sure if that's how it's spelled but they are delicious. And you can add a dollar salad to anything you order.

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          Second Out Take. I find the lamb shank quite nice.

        2. Thai Bar B Que
          12254 Ventura Blvd.
          Studio City, CA 91604

          Order the Bar-B-Que chicken or the Thai Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs
          Its a half chicken served with shrimp fried rice.
          very reasonable

          1. Hugos, Hugos, Hugos - I have never had a bad meal there and the service is always great. The menu varies to invite whatever you might be in the mood for and I love their selection of teas as well. New menu: www.hugosrestaurant.com

            Another great place is Spumoni Italian - www.spumonirestaurants.com -choose the Sherman Oaks location

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              must respectfully disagree about hugos.
              i know it has a following on this board, but i found their food to be bland and boring.

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                I agree with the the bland and boring assessment. I've been there twice and both times it was rather tasteless. Maybe they're busy because of the convenience of being right off of the 101 Fwy? I'd pass on Hugo's.

                All of JTea's rec's are good... go with one of them.

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                  Totally agree regarding Hugo's for lunch and dinner. Breakfast seems much better. But the decor is so off-putting, gag!
                  Don't like Risotto either.
                  For Chinese, Kung Pao Bistro is quite good, especially their seafood items, soups, as well as their Hunan lamb and selected specialty dishes. Most expensive item on the menu is about $16, yet most around $12 or so for a full-sized portion, which serves two most of the time, unless you are starving!

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                    Hugo's is good for healthy choices, and dietary restrictions. I agree with the interior - not matching to the prices :) feels like Coco's with fewer booths. I go for a clean egg white omelette when I'm on the go, and just want food fast.

              2. For lunch head to Artisan Cheese Gallery.

                1. what does 'not too expensive' mean to you?
                  about how much money are you interested in spending?

                  1. We were out there frequently and took the advise of Chowhounds. Here is our conclusion:
                    #1 Max's (great Manhattan martinis, nice atmosphere & tasty food)
                    #2 Mezzomondo Trattoria (Lovely owner, great service, everything fresh & tasty)
                    #3 Boneyard Bistro (Good, but crowded with sporadic service)

                    1. A partial list from a local:
                      Talesai - Thai
                      Vitello's - Italian/Famous Last Meals
                      Katsu-Ya - The Original of the (now) Chain
                      Daichan - Homestyle Japanese
                      Spark - Italian Steak & Martini Joint
                      Caioti - The Late Ed LaDou's Place/Pizza
                      Risotto - Italian (obviously)
                      Pinot Bistro - (First of the Patina spin-offs)
                      Lala's Grill - Argentine (think Gaucho Grill)
                      Mexicali and/or Casa Vega - (Strong Margaritas/so-so Mexican)
                      & Finally...
                      Artisan Cheese Gallery (Sandwiches, Salads, and "CHEESE GROMMET, CHEESE!!!)

                      1. I love Bollywood Cafe. My husband and I generally get the vegetarian dinner for two and it's wonderful. The chicken and lamb dishes that I've tried are also very tasty.

                        1. A new pizza cafe just recently opened in Studio City on Ventura Blvd. called Arb. They serve salads, sandwiches, and pizza (by the slice and whole). I had two slices of pepperoni pizza - nice thin crust and very tasty. It's located at 11946 Ventura Blvd. It's a small place with a few tables outside and about 4 tables inside. Nice people who run the place.

                          1. I think the sushi omakase at Katsu-ya is one of the best deals in town. Kinda depends on what chef you get, but you will wind up getting a piece or two of all of the trendy things that are being replicated all over town - only they did it first. Not sure if $35-ish is inexpensive by the posters standards, but it's a great deal.

                            1. I also agree with Artisian Cheese Gallery, but more for a lunch place. LOVE IT THERE. Get a sandwich and a cheese plate to split. Yum. You can even sit outside.