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Apr 11, 2009 03:56 PM

Great Pizza in Calgary

Just visiting for the weekend and got introduced to Sarah's Delight (1040-12 Ave.S.W: 403-245-8821).

The area (Connaught) is mostly residential but this place (which actually says Rob and Sarah's on the sign) is a great find, IMHO. Just had one of the best pizza's. It was a standard pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper but the the sauce was homemade and well-made and the mushrooms were really nicely spiced. The crust was dense but not overly thick and had a great chewy cheesiness.

Clean and efficient. I am looking forward to trying their falafels next time based on this experience.

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  1. This place sells donairs that are, if nothing else, massive. Never thought to try the 'za.

    1. Sarah's is good, order it at work from time to time... but for my money I'm still dedicated to the herbal tomato and artichoke at Demetris on Kensington Rd at 19th St. NW.

        1. re: nonlinear

          It's Greek-style, I think. I used to live off this stuff when I lived in that neighbourhood. It's quite delicious in my opinion.

          If you like dainty, light pizza, then I wouldn't order from here. If you like substantial pan-style pizza loaded with decent/better-than average toppings, then I would look into ordering from here.

          Demetris Pizza
          1986 Kensington Road NW

          Tel 403-283-0387
          Fax 403-670-7045

          Closed on Sundays
          Delivery charges apply

        2. did you happen to see the falafels? are they pre-fried and nuked to order, or do they fry them up fresh?

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          1. re: nonlinear

            not sure about that but hey nonlinear- I asked the owner (sam?) at Shawarma Station and he said he'd fry your falafels to order at your request- now I have not SEEN this but it's worth a shot! I asked for you but I think he thought I meant for myself which may or may not make a difference as he treats all his customers like family.

            Shawarma Station in at 227 10 St NW in Kensington.

            1. re: John Manzo

              john, i would seriously kiss you if i went there and he would do that. i will try it next time i can make it over to kensington - maybe next wknd. i will let you know what happens. and thank you, sir!

            2. re: nonlinear

              Yeah, there is nothing worse than the pre-fried, nuked to order falafel balls. I hate that!

            3. Looks like this place is called "The mayor's cafe" now. I haven't been inside yet.

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              1. re: 23skidoo

                I stopped in and the owner (I think it was the owner) said there was too much confusion as there was no "Sarah" there. They've spiffed it up a bit.