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Apr 11, 2009 03:22 PM

Pho 2828 in Plano?

Has anyone tried Pho 2828 in Plano? It's at the intersection Coit and Park and looks to be occupying the space that was once Swenson's Ice Cream? I searched the boards, but couldn't find anything. Wasn't able to find anything online anywhere else either.

Had my first pho experience last week at Pho 95 and now I'm hooked!


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  1. I stopped there to try it out a couple of weeks ago. The place was pretty busy but almost half the tables had not been bussed and were full of dishes. I went on my way. Try it out and tell us.
    BTW, pho is a helluva fo a drug !

    1. Its just O.K. Not nearly as good as Pho Mac at Coit and Independance. Tran and his family are very nice, and all their food is very good quality.

      They also have great rice and noodle dishes aside from traditonal Pho.

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        Pho Mac is at Indepence and Parker, same side as Tom Thumb. Very comfortable spot.

        txram, I've never really had a bad bowl of Pho, some are just better than others. But they are all a little bit different.

      2. Don't go there unless you like bland, odd tasting food! Went there a few nights ago and highly disappointed!! Eggrolls were almost burnt, the taste was off. Chicken Fried Rice is normally pretty good, right? Kinda hard to mess that up--but this restaurant did it! We took a couple of bites and we were done. Suprisingly, it was pretty busy! The ice cream looked freezer burnt. Try Que Houng ( misspelled that horribly) that's a wonderful restaurant!

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          Good to know I will stick with Pho Mac, they are very nice and the food is best of breed in Plano

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            Thanks for the heads up, bales. I never went, but I drove by it again a couple days ago and thought, "Man...I really need to go try that!"

            Oh well...I've been itching for a good bowl of pho for a couple weeks now, but with this ungodly heat, I can't seem to bring myself to go get one!