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Apr 11, 2009 03:18 PM

Desperate Times Call for...

My friend admitted recently that when he ran out of groceries, he actually put a can of mandarin oranges on top of pasta. The next day, he made pasta with Nutella. (This same person complained that the food at a 4.5 star resort in Cuba was inedible.)

What have you eaten when the pantry was bare and grocery stores were closed?

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    1. re: Agent Orange

      Used to love them sliced and cooked as home fries with paprika--talk about comfort food. :)

      1. re: kattyeyes

        So you mean they *are* edible? I never thought about frying them up. A bunch of oil will make anything taste good. It's not likely the canned potatoes will ever find their way into my pantry again, but you never know.

        1. re: Agent Orange

          Maybe it's that whole childhood comfort food thing, but yeah, I love them that way, but in butter, not oil. I haven't had them in about 10 years, but I would be glad to crack a can open for breakfast if we had one on hand.

          1. re: Agent Orange

            Ya I never had canned potatoes in my life until I married my ex. He used to make an amazing breakfast using thoses suckers! he'd fry'em with onions till they were super crispy and tastey..and then make some awesome eggtastic dish to go with them. I tried using reg potatoes boiled potatoes and they just don't work as well!

            1. re: Agent Orange

              They are great for hot oil fondues!

        2. Beef-flavored Rice-a-Roni.

          1. my cousin used to mix grated pecorino w/ breadcrumbs...i wonder if he still does that!

              1. re: wolfmonk

                That's actually the name of my degree. What are you referring to?

                1. re: Food Tourist

                  Meals Ready to Eat. For the military. And anyone else who wants to stockpile a lot of food.


                1. re: Jimbosox04

                  thats heresy... fried spam is for daily consumption, not desperate times.

                  1. re: KaimukiMan

                    Raw Spam is desperate, fried is a daily delicacy...