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Apr 11, 2009 03:06 PM

Turkey eggs?

In a random conversation earlier today, my sister and I realized that chicken, quail, ostrich, and other poultry eggs are common (or at least not-unheard-of) to eat.

Is there any particular reason why the lowly turkey egg gets no love?

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  1. I used to have a turkey farm near where I lived in the North of England. I would pick up a dozen or so every now and then. They could be huge, biggish ones being maybe three times the volume of hen's eggs. And they always pulled the double-yolkers, probably because they had less chance of hatching or they were scrawny chicks. I can assure you there is nothing wrong with them and they taste like ordinary eggs. One of those was a meal.

    I guess they are not commercially viable.

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      Thanks, Paulustrious-- some other research I did turned up the fact that turkeys lay at about 1/3 the rate of chickens, and are little more protective of their eggs. So commercial viablility does seem to be an issue. I guess that I am surprised that amidst all the other 'rare" foods that pop up in restaurants these days, you'd think a turkey egg might show up once in a while.

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        So tastewise they don't inspire the devotion that duck eggs do, then?

      2. Here's a thread about turkey eggs available from time to time in the San Francisco Bay Area.

        1. There's a chicken and turkey farm nearby where I buy eggs. I once asked the owner what he does with the turkey eggs, because I'd never seen them for sale. He said that the turkeys are butchered before they are old enough to lay.

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              Good one - I hadn't thought about the fact that he obviously keeps however many eggs he needs to maintain his flock size. On occasion some of the jumbo "chicken" eggs are super-jumbo and I'm always wondering if a turkey egg hasn't made its was into the carton. His chicken eggs always have really hard shells so if his turkeys also lay brown eggs, it's possible.