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Apr 11, 2009 01:28 PM

Recs for veggie-friendly eats near York U.

Coming down to TO from Ottawa on the last weekend in April. We'll be staying just north of York U. and are looking for some veggie-friendly cafes, restaurants, etc. Suggestions for great bakeries and coffee bars would be much appreciated, too. We have limited time...probably a day at the most. Interested in a good Chinese meal, since we don't have much to choose from here in Ottawa. Middle Eastern is out...we eat plenty of that here :) Thanks!

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  1. Not much near York University. As a student there for 4 years, I suffered through bad eats in and around the university. My mentor and I did find a Thai place just outside, on Steeles, east of Keele, called Thai Bamboo. They have veggie meals, and is the best indie if not the only one in the area. Do a search on the board, and you'll find some more thoughts on it. But, best bet in and around York would be Thai Bamboo.. Close enough to being Chinese..? :)

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      I'll agree on Thai Bamboo, more authentic and delicious than any chain Thai places I've been to and I love the fresh spring rolls and mango salad.

      There's also a Chinese Restaurant (not vegetarian but I'm sure they have some options) at Bathurst and Centre, about a 10 minute drive from where you'll be staying, called Cynthia's. I've had a great meal there before, but I've only been there once. It's on the pricey side considering that Chinese Food is usually cheap, but great quality.