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Recs for veggie-friendly eats near York U.

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Coming down to TO from Ottawa on the last weekend in April. We'll be staying just north of York U. and are looking for some veggie-friendly cafes, restaurants, etc. Suggestions for great bakeries and coffee bars would be much appreciated, too. We have limited time...probably a day at the most. Interested in a good Chinese meal, since we don't have much to choose from here in Ottawa. Middle Eastern is out...we eat plenty of that here :) Thanks!

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  1. Not much near York University. As a student there for 4 years, I suffered through bad eats in and around the university. My mentor and I did find a Thai place just outside, on Steeles, east of Keele, called Thai Bamboo. They have veggie meals, and is the best indie if not the only one in the area. Do a search on the board, and you'll find some more thoughts on it. But, best bet in and around York would be Thai Bamboo.. Close enough to being Chinese..? :)

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      I'll agree on Thai Bamboo, more authentic and delicious than any chain Thai places I've been to and I love the fresh spring rolls and mango salad.

      There's also a Chinese Restaurant (not vegetarian but I'm sure they have some options) at Bathurst and Centre, about a 10 minute drive from where you'll be staying, called Cynthia's. I've had a great meal there before, but I've only been there once. It's on the pricey side considering that Chinese Food is usually cheap, but great quality.