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Apr 11, 2009 01:08 PM

Where to Find Instant Tea?

Hey there - I'm trying to make a home-made chai latte mix and am missing the most important ingredient - instant tea, i.e. real tea, not the sweetened iced tea mix. I've tried a couple of the large grocery stores... Metro, Fortino's. They give me a look like I'm from another planet when I ask for it. Any ideas where I might find this elusive powder? Location in the west of Toronto to Burlington would be appreciated.Thanks.

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  1. If you're going for a chai latte, you can swing by a Starbucks and pick up the chai tea concentrate. You heat equal parts of it with milk and you have a chai latte. It might take a visit to a couple stores before you find it.

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      1. try looking for unsweetened lipton ice tea and use hot water instead of cold for your tea. most of the instant teas can be found in some chineese supermarkets but from what i have seen they are flavoured and sweetened varieties. you can see what i mean by this link.

        please note that any instan product will have additional chemical stabilizers and anti-cakeing agent which may bring an unpleasent flavour to the party.