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Apr 11, 2009 11:58 AM

ISO Recipes using dried morels

I brought home some wonderful dried morels from Paris. Any recipe ideas for their use. Not too high in cholesterol if possible. TIA.

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  1. Jacques Pepin just did a turkey scallopini with morel sauce last week- It needs lightened up, but it wouldn't be too hard if you're used to doing it.

    I usually use dried mushrooms and the broth from rehydrating in risotto, usually with some chicken chunks and asparagus. I don't finish it with a half pound of butter and cheese, so it's pretty low fat.

      1. I also bought dried morels in Paris in December! They are so beautiful. I bought the regular size and the minis. I have been making risotto, added them to a pheasant stew but not much else.

        1. I crush them and add them to my braised beef ribs. It seems like a shame to crush them, but it adds a lot of body to the sauce and nobody can figure out what my secret is!

          1. We used to pick them ourselves on our property up in northern Michigan if I remember correctly. I love the flavor and would make them mixed with some other mushrooms in a lightly creamy mushroom soup to enhance the flavor.

            That or a combo of sauteed morels, leeks and spinach right at the end as a simple fresh side to dish to really show off the morels.