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Apr 11, 2009 11:08 AM

Reminder for Thai Food lovers!

Tomorrow, Sunday 12 is the annual Songkran (Thai New Year) celebration at the Washington DC Buddhist Temple (Wat Thai in Washington, DC - With that comes all of the celebration and for chowhounds - the beloved food stalls!

It's a good opportunity to taste food from different Thai venders / restaurants all in one place and while the costs have gone up - keep in mind part of the proceeds are for charity (the Temple) :-


And starting Monday - Thai Restaurant Week in DC (April 13-19) (see the What's New section on the right side).

Gift certificates as well as prize drawings for filling out little survey cards - all on top of discounts on food! Can't beat that :-D

Oh and it looks like the grand prize is a trip to THAILAND!


- Chew
Resident Buddhist :-)

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