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Apr 11, 2009 11:04 AM

Italian Specialty Market near Forest Hills

I'm looking for a really good Italian specialty market. Somewhere they make their own mozzarella, maybe imported some buffalo mozz, homemade pastas, and imported other goods such as pasta, flour, etc.

2 of my favorite places in Manhattan are Russo's (East Village) and Buon Italia (Chelsea Market). I've never been to Sapori D'Ischia during the day. Still it's not the closest place to go to. It's easier to almost go to the places in the city.

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  1. How about Iavarone Bros. in Maspeth?

    Iavarone Brothers
    69-00 Grand Ave, Queens, NY 11378

    1. Forest Hills is a wasteland for such a thing, you could go over to 101st ave in Ozone Park to the pasta guy, he's got good ravioli, for fresh mozzarella, I think the best is at Sorriso's in Astoria--and they have other good stuff there, too.

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        Leo's Latticini aka Mamas, in Corona makes their own mozzarella and fresh pasta,including ravioli. They also have some other imported Italian goods. Their bakery is also very good. In my opinion a VERY good cannoli.

        Marios meat market on Metropolitan in Middle Village also has fresh mozzarella, as well as imported Buffalo Mozz. They also have a good selection of olive oils and other imported Italian products.

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          I work on 101 Ave, it's realy not worth the detour. Furcis is mainly takeway prepared foods w/soem pasta they dpn't make. How about ragTime on cross Bay in Howard Beach. They make sauage, lots of good prepared foods, but no house made fresh pasta. There's a place (Pastoosa?)just south of Liberty of the Westside of Cross Bay that is a fresh pasta place, a branch/franchise out of Brooklyn.

        2. Some place links ...

          Buon Italia
          75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

          Sapori d'Ischia
          55-15 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

          Sorriso Italian Pork Store
          44-16 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

          Leo's Latticini
          46-02 104th St, Queens, NY 11368

          Furci Food Products
          103-09 101st Ave, Queens, NY 11416

          Ragtime Gourmet Deli
          157-48 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414

          Pastosa Ravioli
          132-10 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11417

          Russo's Mozzarella and Pasta
          344 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003

          Iavarone Brothers
          69-00 Grand Ave, Queens, NY 11378

          75-55 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11379

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          1. re: squid kun

            thanks squid kun, very helpful list....Went to Ragtime a long time ago, they had some good stuff there and old time feel to the place which I liked.

            spoke to this place in LIC months ago about selling to Natural on Austin St in Forest Hills, don't know whatever came of it...perhaps, they are carrying it now? I've been on a non pasta diet, so I haven't noticed.

            Here's the link for the pasta shop guy in Ozone Park, also. I love Rafetto's in the city for fresh pasta, I buy my olives from the Iavaroni in New Hyde Park (lake sucess shopping center)--fantastic selection---but I've never cared for the fresh mozzarella from fresh mozzarella as I said is Sorriso's in Astoria (melts in your mouth), or Casa Della Mozzarella in Bronx.

            Have not tried Mario's, the place is never open late, so it's not very convenient for me, but I really should check it out. There is also Durso's in Bayside/Whitestone area which some people like, I think it's just okay and they are pricey--

            Marino Bros' in Whitestone/Flushing--
            This place looks pretty cool, anyone been lately, --I saw a very old post that mentioned it from 2000

            The Pasta Store
            102-07 101st Ave, Queens, NY 11416

            1. re: squid kun

              Adding one more location worth mentioning to squid kun's list ...

              Brothers Italian Food World
              161-10 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414

                1. re: janie

                  This is a scaled down and less expensive version of a Ragtime store. They have a great selection of typical Italian goods - deli, prepared foods, produce, imported goods, domestic goods, etc ... but, I have to admit, they don't have the selection that Ragtime does. I do make a point of stopping by when I'm in the neighborhood though.