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Apr 11, 2009 10:56 AM

Little Q Hotpot news

The good news is that Little Q Hotpot has likely found a new location "in the financial district". They are still hanging on to their Quincy location and were hoping for three more months, but it may be less. Last night the tables and chairs from the adjacent Taste of Taiwan were being removed. Both will be losses from the Quincy dining scene.

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  1. They're moving to Boston? I hope they keep their dinner hours--I know that a lot of places in the Financial District are lunch-only....

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      I don't know what was meant by the financial district, no specific information was given, but it seems they were able to get space because of the drop in rents in the area. I hope the location is easy to get to and works out for them. I can't imagine they could make it serving lunch only.

    2. IMO that would be a very odd place for them to relocate to ...

      But good to know they found space to keep going

      1. I'm so glad they found a space to re-open. But, it's a huge loss to Quincy, and it just is ridiculous with all the empty commercial buildings in Quincy Center, that they couldn't come up with something.

        1. Maybe they are speaking of the area of North Quincy with State Street. We can only hope.

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          1. re: mkel34

            "Financial district" does border Chinatown in Boston, so if they're even an inch closer to Chinatown, the move just might make sense.

            Living in Quincy, I'm sad to see the restaurant go if they are indeed shutting down operations in there completely.

            1. re: mkel34

              Good for me, but that area is so otherwise desolate ... Good parking situation though.

              1. re: C. Hamster

                Is there even any retail space there? I live right in that area, so unless they're putting up a new structure, I can't imagine where they would have space for the restaurant.

              2. re: mkel34

                Spoke to them today and they are not staying in Quincy. Would not give exact location but she said downtown Boston.

                1. re: pjr

                  Had lunch here yesterday, and they're still plugging along. The've closed the food court of course, and Little Q had their liquor license taken away, but they're still trying to stay where they are. My wife put her email in to be updated on possible site changes.

              3. I talked to a woman at Little Q when I was there a couple of weeks ago and she said in the next month or two they will be moving to a location that is between Boston Common and Downtown Crossing.

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                1. re: Johnresa

                  Could be either the edge of Chinatown or the Ladder District depending on where you measure Boston Common. Sounds convenient to me. Do they still sell the Little Q T-shirts?