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Apr 11, 2009 10:45 AM

Someone Had to Do It. Hell's Kitchen (spoilers)

I may be the last person in the world watching this thing but I have to hang into the end. I was the same as a child, never fell asleep even in a boring movie.

So I was waiting for the 'I may have to shut down Hell's Kitchen" from the preview but it didn't come till the very end. In the meantime I watched even the sometimes decent fall apart. Giovanni! WTH? He disintegrated in front of my eyes. And Andrea? Honestly, pull it together! And Ben, if only he could cook as well as he imagines he can. If I had been Ramsay I wouldn't have picked Ben's dish just so I didn't have to spend time with him.

So Paula and Danny are the only 2 with any clue. Is that enough to make a show? I say fire the people who choose the donkeys or at least make them eat the food.

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  1. I was wondering if any one was going to post about this. This time I found myself wondering why I was still watching. All the big hoopla in the advertising for this weeks show over nothing.
    Some one seriously needs to tell Ben to just put a cork in it.
    Gio was spent. I have to think IRL he's much better and just couldn't deal with the sleep deprivation or stress.

    1. Paula appears head and shoulders above the rest. The restaurant she works at in Fl is very good so I am not surprised.

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        I think Danny appears head and shoulders above the rest, with paula a close second. The problem is neither of them are very vocal and don't show leadership qualities. They just keep turning up and quietly and consistently doing a great job and turn out great food. I don't think that's enough to win the competition.

        I really thought it was stupid that Ben chose Robert to go with him to San Francisco, that was just ridic.

      2. From reading some of the British newspapers last year, I couldn't help but wonder why GR was in such a foul mood. He knows that his accent is hard to understand and he was screaming out orders faster and less intelligible-ly than usual.
        Possible explanation: (again based on what was filling the Brit papers). One of the women GR was having a sexual relationship with Los Angeles wrote about it. And then more of his indiscretions came to light. His wife stood by him (Her father is a business manager for him).

        But....if this was being filmed in that time, he may have been taking his anger at being caught and publicized in an indefensible position (he, he) out on this season of HK. The violence of his anger towards Gio was beyond a meal. IMO.

        1. I watched it as well (missed last week when Carol was given the boot). I really thought he'd pick Danny over Ben for sure - just from the fact that Danny would seem to be more appreciative of being able to shadow Chef Ramsay.

          And I agree with you - Paula and Danny should be in the finale.