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Apr 11, 2009 10:27 AM

Green Bay - El Sarape?

Saw a "review" (more of a human interest article) in the Press Gazette today. Has anyone been? If so, how was the food?

A good Mexican place would make the frequent visits to my wife's home town much more fun. Not that it's not fun already, but foodwise.............

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  1. In Green Bay I prefer Taco Burrito Mexico/ Express to El Sarape. I've had good experiences at both, but on the whole prefer the more grab and go style of TBM. If you stop at El Sarape avoid anything with chorizo, ground beef etc. Anything with ground meat swims in lukewarm red grease. Skip the Sarape, check out TBM's pastor tacos. Also, the last time I was there think I recall seeing that they make horchata now.

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