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Apr 11, 2009 10:01 AM

Kabab Cafe Closed for Vacation 4/13/09 to 4/20/09

Kabab Cafe will be closed from one week from April 13 through April 20. Ali is going with his son to Madrid, Spain, for one week. He'll be back and cooking on Tuesday, April 21.

I had delicious food there last night: duck dumplings, veal and meatball stew, and lamb cheeks. Yum.

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  1. So, which table were you? We were the 5 sitting where the counter ends. The food was great last night. By the way, it was duck ragu served with rice balls that I believe had fig in them. We also had the lamb chops, the lamb shank, the lamb cheeks with egg, the stuffed calamari and some other very nice stuff. After the mezze platter, the beet salad, cucumber salad and a mango salad.

    Ginny and I brought 3 friends (including 2 I grew up with in Bklyn) who had never been there before, one back in town from Baltimore. Since they watched him basically make everything from scratch and loved everything we ate, they all thought it was crazy when I said that there's been criticism of Ali on these boards for charging too much. Its a bargain for what he manages to get out of that kitchen. "Hocus pokus".

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      Some people gripe that the food is expensive, but my gripe is that the pricing seems completely arbitrary based on whether he thinks you can get away from it. I don't understand how the prices on the bill are completely different from the prices posted on the menus outside. I really like the food too, but I can't get past the weird pricing.

      1. re: janethepain

        Okay, I completely understand your comment and agree that he'd do better to just give up on that menu (I've never even looked at it in the years I've gone there) & tell folks what he's serving and how much it'll cost them. Yes, the prices are somewhat, shall we say, variable. But not totally arbitrary -- some of it changes from day to day based on his costs & yes, some is based on who you appear to be. I find that, if you tell him that you're there to eat & are willing to spend $40-45pp and bring wine, you'll have a great time. If you try to make more sense out of it, you'll drive yourself crazy. And you'll spend only a little less doing it.

        Now, before I get jumped on by all those looking to spot "favoritism, inequities and injustice", let me say that very few, if any, of the single proprietor places loved on these boards have ever been consistant, solid price, portion control places. Mina is widely variable in every thing from what each dish is to how much it costs, slice size & service at DiFara can be an adventure equal to Ali's, and almost every stall in Flushing sizes you up before delivering. Ali's out there for sure but, if you go with the flow, you'll have a great dinner at a very reasonable price... entertainment included.