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Apr 11, 2009 10:00 AM

Mobile Chow breaks permanent links

Mobile Chow ( is effectively useless when coming from Google search results, since no standard Chow URLs are mapped and redirected to their appropriate place. All requests to from a mobile device are redirected to the homepage of Very annoying. It effectively breaks the site when coming from any permanent link anywhere.

Chow should devote a little development time and make standard URLs (the ones crawled by Google) work. I end up just viewing Google's cached page, rather than following the link to Chow, since they're effectively all dead ends.

Remember, cool URIs don't change:


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  1. Yes, this is certainly a problem that needs to be fixed. I had thought the problem was just a missing "$2" in a rewrite rule, but it is more involved. Doing the same search on a mobile device and on a PC, the same content differs by more than just the hostname:

    That's a shame. It causes me to never click on Chow links from my mobile phone's search engine because I know they will never result in happiness.

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    1. re: danwing

      Way lame! In the very least, give us a cookie so that we can TURN OFF the mobile site redirect. There is nothing more infuriating than clicking one link and being sent somewhere else. As an iPhone user, I can honestly tell you that the mobile site ISNT ANY FASTER than the regular site anyway (particlularly since the content is completely farkakte anyway). A site that presumably loads faster is only as good as it's content and the content limitations on makes it a huge fail.