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Jun 25, 2004 12:32 AM

Dupar's Sold - To Close Temporarily

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Bought by Biff Naylor (of the Tiny Naylor's family), who also fesses up to stealing Dupar's date nut bread recipe years ago.


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  1. I read a thread on this very subject a few hours ago; it has now disappeared. Odd.

    Somebody suggested we all go load up on pancakes, there was a discussion of Kokomo, somebody noted that DuPar's needed a good clean-up (the Valley and Thousand Oaks locations evidently will also be closed down for sprucing up), etc.

    1. I always loved Dupar's date nut bread (at the former location in Glendale - 70's). For breakfast or dinner.

      1. Am I the only one totally spooked by this? Du-Par's serves about the only pancakes I'm willing to eat (other than my own recipe). I love pancakes, but I've been spoiled buy Du-Par's over the years, and now find all other pancakes simply inedible.

        Here's hoping that they don't mess with the recipes or try to change the old-time ambiance which make the place so endearing.

        As a side note, are there any Tiny Naylor's restaurants left? I remember going to the drive-in on the NW corner of Sunset & La Brea, & the one (not a drive in) at Laurel & Ventura, adjacent to Du-Par's. I seem to remember a decent coffee shop cheeseburger.

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          Naylor's became extinct in 1999. The URL below has an interesting article on the history of Naylor's and the recent buyout of Du-par's. It doesn't sound like there will be major food changes.


        2. Love the pancakes but man what a depressing interior, at least at the Thousand Oaks location. Dusty rose and grey decor from 1983.
          And my wife and I always joke "let's go have breakfast at the retirement home" meaning Dupars. No one under 70 seems to eat there anymore.
          I think a new owner may do them some good. But if they change one molicule of their pancake recipe they're HISTORY!!!