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Apr 11, 2009 09:18 AM

victoria gastro pub

went last weekend. took over a bennigans in columbia. Real foodie find. Great draft beer selection. had a "flight" which included five 5.5 fl. oz. drafts in a rack of small beer glasses. had the poutine which is french fries cooked in duck fat covered with duck gravy and guyere cheese and is finger licking good. Had a kobe burger on brioche with white troufle cheese sauce. finished with a pumpkin bread pudding. Everything was great, reasonably priced in a nice atmosphere. Our waiter was timely, well informed but not pushy or intrusive. The price was very reasonable. There was a lot of menu items I could see myself ordering. Overall a very nice dining experience and a great addition to the rapidly growing and improving Howard County restaurant scene!

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  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience at Victoria's. Hubby and I have been there about half a dozen times since last year this time. Our first dining experience included the duck fat fries and an order of barbequed short ribs. Hubby ordered the half of Pennsylvania Dutch chicken, which was exquisite and included wonderful sides. Unfortunately, it has been removed from the menu.

    On subsequent visits, we ordered the asparagus "fries" (tempura battered asparagus spears served in a champagne tip glass with a dipping sauce)--the Kobe burger was very good.

    We have had some nice experiences at the Pub. Only wish they would bring back the fantastic Pennsylvania Dutch chicken entree. It was a real winner. FoiGras

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      told a chef buddy about the burger and he said all they had to do was add a slice of FoiGras to the burger and it would have been perfect.

    2. There are some definitely good things on the menu at this place, but it is not perfect. I thought the kobe burger was overrated (the 'regular' burger outshone it on more than one occasion) and some apps or entrees were just so-so. But, overall, I agree that this place helps fill a desperately needed void of good, unique, non-chain restaurant in the Columbia-Ellicott City-Central MD black hole. Their beer list alone is worth the trip.

      They used to be fairly pushy about their 'beer club' (passport?) but they have stopped bugging us when we go of late. Good move on their part.

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        went back last night again with 3 other couples and we all loved it
        had the poutine (french fries cooked in duck fat with duck confit, gravy and guyere cheese) and again everyone licked their fingers. Again had the kobe burger with white truffle cheese and left not a crumb....too good!. had asparagus fries, and fried calamari and deserts which were good. Definitely a great addition with great food that is very reasonably priced in a nice place with friendly staff and good drinks. Dinner with 3 rounds of drinks, appetizers, and deserts was just over $100 per couple. Everyone in our group left happy saying they definitely would come back.

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          I am so happy to see that this restaurant has gotten its "sea legs." I've had several delicious meals and only hope that they bring back the "Pennsylvania Dutch roasted chicken." It was superb. In any event, I've enjoyed the shortribs, kobe burger, asparagus fries, duck fat fries, etc.

          After your review, can't wait to go back. Foi Gras

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            Went for Sunday brunch, everything was delicious - although $9 Bloody Marys came as quite a shock. Oh well, we'll be back but won't be having any drinks.

          2. re: dining with doc

            If this is the closest poutine gets to DC, I'm there.

        2. It is so good to find foodies out there who share my high regards for Victoria. I have had some awesome experiences here with the food and service. I was disturbed by the many less than favorable reviews that I was seeing on the net. I am convinced that many of the reviewers just didn't get it.

          I am so appreciative of the thought and preparation that were apparent in each dish. I also was inclined to give the waiter a little extra in his tip on my last trip because he left me alone to experience the food in all its fantastic glory. I would've been mad if he was in my face every two minutes while I was savoring the incredible flavors and texture of the biscuits, pork belly, asparagus fries, and the chocolate praline cake. Afterward, the waiter and I had a pleasant discussion about the meal and the restaurant.

          I am so glad this place caters to the foodie. As for those who were complaining about the wait staff not be friendly or attentive, I truly wonder if they should first check themselves. I have found them to be very attuned to the diner and the food. They're not intrusive, but once I've shown myself ready to be opened to them, they've absolutely been open to talking about the food and its merits. I believe Victoria and its staff is to be commended for delivering product and service that makes every bit of my 40 minute trip there worth it.

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            My hubby and I didn't have quite as an ethereal experience as you seemed to enjoy at the Pub, but we certainly have had several very fine dining meals at the establishment.

            i love the "asparagus fries," but can easily order them at my local Chinese carry-out venue.

            The duck fat fries were a bit "floppy," and I haven't been inclined to order them again.

            The Kobe burger was scrumptious. When on the menu (which it hasn't been in nearly two years), definitely order the Pennsylvania Dutch chicken. It was DIVINE. It irks me that it was removed from the menu. When we made a return visit in the summer months, the explanation was that it was removed from the menu because people eat less in the hot weather (which can be true--but remember, there is air conditioning nowadays).

            So, when we returned this past January, the roasted Amish chicken had not been reinstated on the menu. After an inquiry, now that the weather was certainly very cold, we weren't given a reasonable answer.

            Nonetheless, we do enjoy the Pub. There are more plusses then minusses as a reason to dine there.

            But, before I return, I definately have to try Jack's Bistro, especially after reading a recent review of diners who enjoyed the place, EVEN, during Restaurant Week. FoiGras

            1. re: FoiGras

              You're fortunate then. I don't know of any Chinese restaurants in my area doing asparagus fries and most definitely not with aioli of any kind. There's a pretty decent Japanese fusion place nearby, but no asparagus tempura to speak of there.

              Perhaps going to Victoria's during off-peak hours has been key in my experiences. Who knows? I've just really enjoyed my visits there. I will look into Jack's Bistro myself. From the web site, it looks like my kind of dining.

            2. re: MScribe

              My husband and I have gone there on and off since they opened. We have always been happy with our meal there, although recently we've noted signs of cost cutting. Food is still very good, menu seems just a little smaller and they've gotten rid of the cloth tablecloths (at least they were gone the last time we were there) Cost-cutting is totally expected right now, so no faulting Victoria's for that and they are cutting the right way - make less types of food but what they do make, they don't skimp on quality. That will keep us coming back, places who have gone to lowering quality will not get our business. Victoria's is still on our short list of places to go.

              We went there once for a wine dinner. While the wines and food were top-notch, it simply wasn't geared toward people who get up early for work. It was a weeknight and they didn't start serving dinner until 8. I think we left shortly after 11, fine for a weekend but too late for our work schedules.

              Service has always been fine for us, no complaints.

            3. Pimms cup, lobster grilled cheese, poutine, and chocolate praline cake...a lunch that would make a cardiologist cringe but oh was it good!

              Where has poutine been all my life?