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Apr 11, 2009 08:20 AM

Need to make reseveration for 3 pple for 4/18 @ 7:30 and everything is booked! Any hidden gems?

I have my mother in law coming in from bumblef@@@ and wants to eat dinner in NYC on Saturday night at 7:30 - its next week 4/18 and all the places I have thought of are booked.
Any suggestions of hidden gems? I am open to anything but French and nothing that is priced like le bernandin.

I have thought about going to Babbo and waiting for a table but not sure if that will work out.

Please help!

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  1. Have you tried Le Gigot - excellent food, small French place on Cornelia

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Thanks but I am open to any place EXCEPT a French place. Any other suggestions?


      1. re: bronkers

        An Oops - sorry. What about Chinese - thinking of Chin Chin.

        1. re: bronkers

          Indochine for upscale Vietnamese , nice atmosphere. Aqua Grill for seafood,,, If your looking for hot hot hot places on a Saturday it's tough , but more than likely you can get reservation this far in advance at most places. Open Table was a good suggestion, they usually come through.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Chinatown Brasserie, in that vein, might be fun too.

      2. Gradisca. Total hidden Italian gem. Wonderful food and rarely fully booked. They have a website with menu. Waiting for a table at Babbo might be difficult. Have you tried putting your name on Gramercy Tavern's waiting list?

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        1. re: kim e

          you can put your name on the gramercy tavern list early?
          I will look into gradisca - thanks.

          1. re: kim e

            Thanks - just put my name on the gramercy wait list and I am looking up Gradisca.

          2. Try calling:

            Spiga (Italian, UWS)
            Kefi (Greek, UWS)
            Pylos (Greek, EV)
            Dovetail (New American, UWS)
            Compass (New American, UWS)
            Isabella's (New American, UWS)

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              Compass is a great suggestion and easy to get a res. Vice Versa is another likely possibility. If 8:00 is okay you should be able to get into Orso after the pre-theater crowds leave. Olana will also have availability.

            2. consider Cacio e Vino in the East Village...casual, but cozy and delicious w/ lots of Sicilian specialties...

              what kinds of my places does your mother in law like best?...what kind of vibe, what are her favorite foods? adventurous an eater?...

              1. Not sure if you have any atmosphere or location restrictions. some thoughts (based on a recent Opentable search)

                Red Cat