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Apr 11, 2009 08:17 AM

Should we go for bouillabaisse at our hotel in Sanary?

We're going to be in Sanary sur Mer in a couple of weeks and are staying the Hotel de la Tour, which offers bouillabaisse at their restaurant if you order it a couple of days in advance. (cost is approximately 35 Euro per person, but this is slightly old info.) Can anyone comment on whether it sounds like a good idea? I wonder if their restaurant too much of an unknown to commit ourselves to something pricey we might get better somewhere else...

(yes, I know bouillabaisse, especially outside Marseille, is a hot topic on the french boards, but am still wondering if anyone has anything specific to say about this particular place. :)

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  1. Well, our trip to Sanary in April went wonderfully, and now I understand why nobody answered my question - the tourists in Sanary sur Mer are overwhelmingly French, and those on this board are overwhelmingly not! It turns out the hotel restaurant is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so we missed having dinner there at all. But we did have a good breakfast at our hotel, and the market was amazingly big for a town that size.

    As for other food in Sanary, we had a great moules frites lunch at a small restaurant in the old town. I think it was called Alliette et son Assiette. If that's not the right name, it was definitely in the Place du Coquillon, which I believe has only one restaurant. I hope this comes in handy for someone, should you find yourselves hanging out in this beautiful town on the coast.

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      I missed your original post, sorry! When I lived in Sanary, we used to go regularly to the Hotel de la Tour for their famous bouillabaisse on the terrace (amongs other great dishes). This was a long time ago, and I understand the hotel has now passed on to a younger generation of the Mercier family; but I am told the restaurant is still first class. Bad luck that it was closed during your stay, you will have to return!