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Apr 11, 2009 08:08 AM

Capital Grille Boca Mall

anyone been there yet?

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  1. ok I shall have to reply to my original post!

    I went here tonight. Major yawn. I felt like I was in one of those generic steakhouses, it could have been Mortons. The ubiquitous dark wood walls, doors, floor and bar. Very overstaffed, 3 hostesses, managers etc milling round welcoming you to Capital Grille. Ok they have only been open 12 days.

    Onto the food, I had the lettuce wedge. Soggy open iceberg and the most sparing amount of blue cheese dressing so I had to ask for more. Had better. At $10 wow.

    Steak - I had some dry aged steak with pepper sauce. Over-peppered steak and again not enough sauce. Tough meat with NO flavor. Lumpy tasteless mash, average creamed spinach (Ruth's Chris's is 500x better). $41, sides extra.

    Dessert list dull and uninspiring - had the cappucino chocolate cake which had a nice flavor but nonetheless was nothing special.

    Would not rush back that's for sure. Not worth the $80 plus per head. None of my friends were impressed and I didn't hear anyone saying yummy we must come back. Met a fellow diner outside on the way to get my car from the valet and he too was unimpressed.

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      I live in Fort Lauderdale and have been to the branch here a few times...No desire to go back. It can be very good, but it can also be exactly as you described. For my money, Abe and Luie's is the best steak house in the area.

    2. I haven't been to the Capital Grille in Boca yet, but was at the one in the Chicago area over the weekend. Service was over the top. I had the Kona & cocoa encrusted Delmonico at my waiter's suggestion. Fabulous!! My dining partner had the ice cream dessert, hand made ice cream, said it was the best she ever had! I would definitely return!

      1. I visited the one in Jacksonville and like you, was not impressed at all.

        1. I have eaten at the Boca Raton Capital Grille twice. Once at a pre opening dinner event and again last night. I was very impressed both times. Each location has a chef/partner that runs the kicthen. So each place may be a little different .

          The first time I went I ordered a cup of lobster bisque soup. Light creamy sauce with gernerous amounts of lobster finished with a touch of warm sherry when brought tableside. I ordered it again last night to see if it was as good as the first time and yes it was.
          On my first visit I originally ordered the poricini rubbed Delmonico steak. Served with a 12 yr old balsamic glaze. Very Good. Desert was creme brulee that was made with fresh vanilla beans.

          Last night I ordered the lamb chops which were also cooked to perfection. The last time I was at Ruth Chris the lamb chops were served with fat still attached to bone. They did a very poor job in frenching the chops.The side dishes of roasted seasonal mushrooms and the lyonnaise potates were exxcellent.

          Duck Horn Merlot wine seemed to be a good choice.

          I live in Boca Raton and have dined in all the major steak houses in town. Capital Grille is my favorite. I especially like that the bar area is in a seperate part of restaurant so you are not subject to loud crowds etc. And yes it is overstaffed so customer service is also excellent.

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          1. re: ripano

            "I live in Boca Raton and have dined in all the major steak houses in town"
            I was surprised to read your opening statement considering that Capital Grille does not serve Prime beef like NY Prime or Abe & Louie's does. Have been to all three and Capital Grille does not finish in the running. Oh, I almost forgot, what about Chops Lobster Bar? Capital Grille -- not even close.

            1. re: Alfred G

              Alfred, Chops is one of my favorites, never yet had a bad meal there.