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Apr 11, 2009 07:54 AM

Jackson Hole/Teton Village

Will be visiting this area of WY in June. Would love some chowhound input on good restaurants - all price ranges. After some preliminary research, I have come up with these suggestions:

Snake River Grill, Il Villagio Osteria, Rendevous Bistro, Couloir, Nani's Cucina Italiana, Mangy Moose, Westbank Grill, Stiegler's

Looking for good food and a pleasant experience. Price is secondary. Any suggestions or comments?

Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. Snake River Grill was excellent last time I was there -- several years ago. Stylish w/ good food and atmosphere. Couloir (on the mountain and reached by gondola) has great views but food has gotten mixed reviews. Stiegler's is a classic, quite Euro in style. Mangy Moose is a rambling and casual pub/restaurant/steakhouse/salooon/cafe combo in Teton Village's remaining moderately priced lodge.

    I also liked the Blue Lion in town and the Restaurant at Spring Creek Ranch on a mesa between Teton Village and is also a longtime favorite, but again, it's been a few years.

    1. At Nani's, get the Coniglio all'Onegliese (or stewed rabbit) if it is offered.

      For something casual, the Mangy Moose is a good place to hit up. Try the fish and chips made with Idaho trout.

      We liked the Blue Lion better than Rendevous, but that might've just been because the setting at Blue Lion is so charming. I must admit, though, the wild boar meatloaf at Rendevous was quite extraordinary.

      Enjoy your trip. That's a great part of the country, esp. during the beginning of the summer.

      1. When I was there in 2007, we had a few enjoyable meals at the Pizza Pasta Co. in Moose. Didn't sample the pasta, but the salads were terrific and pizza was good and can be eaten outside with a beautiful view of the mountains.This is a great place to grab something relatively inexpensive after visiting Grand Teton (it's right outside the park entrance).