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Apr 11, 2009 07:46 AM

suggestion for good road food on Rt 91 in Vermont from the Mass. border to White River Junction, Vt.?

I am looking for a great quick meal while driving on Rt 91 between NYC and Vermont.

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  1. I found this place absolutely perfect summer (open Apr. to Oct.) road food. This is as authentic roadside barbecue as you are going to find in New England or anywhere. Pigs goats and chickens could be seen and heard waiting for their turn on the grill. The grill master worked outside in a screened enclosure next to the takeout trailer. The food is cheap and options are plentiful enough. It's a handy stop next door to a filling/service station and only a few hundred yards from I-91.

    Curtis Bar-B-Que
    RR 5 Putney VT, VT

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    1. re: soundsofscience

      I found Curtis BBQ to be nearly inedible across the board. If my experience was anything normal, I highly recommend you go elsewhere.

      It looks like a great place - the whole atmosphere of it. But you have been warned.

      Better BBQ in that area would be Top of the Hill in Brattleboro (seasonal)

    2. Try Fat Franks in Bellows Falls. Great dogs & burgers, great coffee, great fries! Next door is Little Miss Bellows Falls Diner, not great food, but a fun place.

      Further up is Windsor Diner in Windsor. We like the food there. Windsor has a few other spots, but I haven't been.

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        I wrote about Fat Frank's last summer, and it's indeed worth a visit...I'd be there every day if I lived in Bellows Falls. Even tried to get the owner to sell me franchise for here in Connecticut, but he wouldn't.


      2. I like stopping at the Putney Food Coop, just west of the Purney exit. It's got a terrific deli counter, good sandwiches, fresh produce in season and a great old hippie vibe. Welcome to Vermont!

        1. We like the Vermont Country Deli(it's takeout). The food is very good! It's right off the exit off 91...easy off and easy on!

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            If one is getting off at Brattleboro, I think the deli at the food Co-op is better (and cheaper) that Vermont Country deli. It is always fascinating to see that almost every single car at the country deli is from out of state -- seems like the locals avoid it... But yes, it is easy on/off and they do have some nice items.

            Another fun option in season is the farmer's market on Saturdays starting in May. Just a little farther down the road from the Country Deli and with a myriad of options, from African to Thai (go to the small Thai place, not Anon's). A really fun time!

          2. The most notable I've come across is the Burdick Cafe in Walpole:
            It has been recommended, here, but I've yet to try it.

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            1. re: Scargod

              Burdick has a coffee shop in Harvard Square and, briefly, a small shop in Northampton. Both have been good for chocolates, pastries, and infusions of various sorts. But I have heard nothing about the food at the Walpole headquarters. .

              1. re: Scargod

                Saw Burdick mentioned in another post and gave it a try last Saturday after having to attend a wedding nearby. It was without a doubt the best food we have had in 3 years in New Hampshire. It was like being back in Paris at a favorite brasserie. Superb execution. Service as good as you're going to get out in the country. Highly recommended.