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Apr 11, 2009 07:43 AM

Where to get porterhouse steaks?

Hey all,

I'm in the Aspen Hill/Silver Spring area of MD and was wondering where you dc/metro peeps get your favorite steaks. I went to Costco last night to try and get some porterhouse steaks (my favorite cut), but they didn't have them in stock. I am weary of purchasing steak from Giant/Superfresh/Shoppers/Magruders, but have done so in the past. Also, I will not purchase meat from the Asian markets. I just don't trust it, haha. I usually just buy chicken from the regular supermarkets and steak/shrimp from Costco now.

I have a few questions regarding where to get the best porterhouse steaks or steaks in general in my area:

1. What do you think of Safeway's beef? The "Rancher's Reserve" stuff. Is it any good? I've noticed that, although noticeably more expensive, Safeways aroung me are cleaner and their meat looks more red and fresh than other supermarkets.

2. Where could I go today, Saturday, to get the best cut of porterhouse steak? I am willing to spend up to 12 bucks a pound if it's good. Still way cheaper than a restaurant. I'm looking to stay as local as possible (MD).

3. Are Bloom or Harris Teeter's (Rockville locations) any better quality(steak-wise) than the regular supermarkets?

Thanks a lot all. I've come across this site a lot in my culinary searches on google and just had to register and join the fun.

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  1. If you're serious about wanting high quality meat, make a day trip to Springfield Farm. It's up north of Baltimore. They have the best beef that I have ever tasted, bar none. Their chickens are good too. It's a bit outside your budget (15.50 lb. for porterhouse) but you will not be disappointed in the flavor. Take a cooler and stock up.

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    1. re: JonParker

      Oh man, this farm sounds familiar. Do they by any chance sell bison meat? My cousin goes to this farm in the Baltimore area every few months and stocks up on bison and says all their meats are really good. Then again, there may be several of these farms in the Baltimore area.

      He'll be making a trip up there in the next few weeks and if it's the same place, I'll definitely stock up. I don't mind stretching the price if the quality is top notch. $15.50 is still cheaper than any restaurant would give it to me for :D

      Thank you.

      1. re: cdela12345

        Springfield Farm doesn't sell bison. I think your friend is probably going to Gunpowder Bison. I've had some meat from them and thought it was pretty good, although I prefer the selection and flavor of Springfield.

        The two farms aren't too far apart though, so you could hit both in the same trip.

    2. very easy choice
      go to Balducci's on old georgetown road in the wildwood shopping center and you will find very good porterhouse steaks. In addition, you can find whatever else you want to make a very memorable meal. Great crusty breads, fantastic deserts, a fantastic selection of cheeses, wonderful wine dept, beautiful fruits and veggies as well as a ton of already prepared food. This is a no brainer. Bring lots of money, quality doesn't come cheep!

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      1. re: dining with doc

        Wow, I totally forgot that place existed. I see it all the time on the way home from Montgomery Mall. I'll hear commercials for their pies and such around Christmas time and then forget about them. Thank you for reminding me -- I will probably give them a visit today! Would you have an estimate on the cost of their porterhouses?

        *stocks up wallet with life savings from mattress*

        1. re: cdela12345

          don't know prices. The prices in general at balducci's are high but match the quality of the item you are buying. While there, get a in house made roast beef sandwhich on an onion roll with a slice of red onion and horseradish sauce. It is heavenly!
          have fun. hope you don't get frustrated by the millions of items you will see that you must have. also hope you have lots of discretionary income or great restraint

          1. re: dining with doc

            Sounds great -- I'll look into that roast beef sandwich too =]

            I usually eat rice/beans/frozen veggies on weekdays and go on culinary splurges come the weekend -- it all evens out!

      2. Chevy Chase Supermarket has very good meat -- we've gotten beautiful porter house steaks there, cut to order.

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        1. re: Teddybear

          Thank you! I'm going to mark all these new places on my map and visit a few each month.

        2. Wagshals market off of Mass. Worth every penny.

          Again not a cheap meal, especially if you buy the rest of your ingredients there. But you'll have damn good steak and help a local, independant market if that's your thing. And the staff is knowledgable about their product.

          Wagshal's Market
          4845 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC

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          1. re: pineapple sage

            Thank you -- definitely love to support businesses that know their trade inside out.

          2. Beilers Meats at the Dutch Country Market in Burtonsville has good meats. Also, if you don't mind driving a little drive, Shuff's Meat Market in Thurmont has very fresh meat (3 kills a week) -but I haven't been there in a number of years.

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            1. re: comestibles

              Ah yes, I've gone here many times. I'm only a few minutes away. Never tried their meats though, just all the ready-made stuff :D

              Thank you.