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Apr 11, 2009 07:39 AM

Croydon Eats

Just moved to the area. Any recommendations of good places to eat at (Asian, Caribean, Indian, ....local pub, anything really)? Any good food shopping recommendation as well?

Looking for places in Croydon, Norbury, or closeby.

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  1. There is a very good Chinese restaurant and supermarket on the outskirts of Croydon... Wing Yip. It's typical Cantonese cooking but nicely done. The supermarket is great... Japanese, Chinese and some Thai. Their frozen prawns are excellent.

    I'm sorry I can't help too much with other restaurants or markets. We live quite far away but do go to Wing Yip once in awhile.

      1. Thornton Heath is a gold mine and even includes a full-fledged Gujarati snack shop making all of their own snacks masquerading as a video rental store. I'll get you names and such when I get back.

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          Thornton Heath is also home to the great tastyjerk as mentoned above. It is simply THE best jerk centre this side of South London. JFores, I'd recommend it.

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            Tasty Jerk always have a stall at the Lambeth Country Fair in Brockwell park each year. Thier jerk pork is always sensational, served with an extremly firey scotch bonnet sauce. Ive never been to the actual place(s), but if its anywhere near as good as the stuff they have at the fair, you're onto a winner....

          2. re: JFores

            Wow JFores, this sounds great!!!!! Do let me know the name of the shop once you know. I love Gujarati snacks and food.

          3. I've never been, but there's a very well-reviewed French restaurant in Croydon. I think it's called Le Cassoulet. It was voted Time Out's Best Local Restaurant last year.


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              Someone I know tried it about six months ago... wasn't impressed at all. But that's just one person's impression.

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                Yes, Le Cassoulet is incredible. The portions are rather generous, too. Had the plumpest moules mariniere there a few months ago and cannot forget it!

                Malcolm John's other restaurant Fish & Grill down the road is also excellent - service patchy, though.

                Whitgift Centre might not be the place you think of for fine food, but try Uncle Lims on a weekend. It looks like your bog-standard Chinese buffet, and it is, 5 days a week. But on the weekends they do Malaysian specialities - the Hainan chicken rice is a winner, as is the nasi lemak (though it wrongly doesn't come with chicken curry - you choose your own protein from the buffet, sadly, though I did like the crisp and juicy chicken wings!).

                Hear there's also a good dosa place, but can't quite recall the name....

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                    There's more South Indian food at The Banana Leaf on Lower Addiscombe Road.


                    And at Kerala Bhavan (London Road). Rasamma (same road) does Sri Lankan.

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                      There's also Bamboo Groove in South Croydon, a Caribbean fusion restaurant which I really like.

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                      Ah, no it's Chennai Dosa -

                      But Dosa n Chutny in Tooting is meant to be amazing, if this is the same company you shouldn't go wrong with it in Croydon, hopefully!