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Ramps in any markets yet this year?

Meant to go to SLM this morning but couldn't make it - probably a little early but just wondered if any one has seen ramps yet?

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  1. i haven't been to the markets, but i'd guess its a bit early given the weather. we have alot of them on our property up north but its still covered over in patches of snow and leaves. soon, but not quite yet!

    1. I haven't been to the markets, but up north where we have fields of them on the lot, none are poking thru yet given the weather. soon, but not yet!

      1. Aha - someone's been reading their Bon Appetit magazine. :) Never even heard of ramps before the issue came out.

        1. I just checked the date of a post I wrote when I found ramps last year and it looks like they were in Toronto area markets in early May.


          1. My post last year for wild ramp harvest in Southern Ontario ( http://torontovore.blogspot.com/2008/... ) was posted in mid May. No need to panic yet!

            1. They had ramps at SLM this morning -- the season is underway! North Market, east side, across from the Mennonite flower sellers, more or less.

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                Damn - I hate missing even one week! Thanks.......

              2. Lots of ramps this morning at SLM - always buy them at Marvin's Gardens (north side) - 2 bunches for $4.

                Also - the mushroom people have BC morels for $52/pound which I think is less than last year - they looked lovely.

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                  Thanks for the update. I'll be there next week to hopefully pick up some ramps and morels!

                2. Yup I just bought several bunches of ramps today at Marvin's in SLM, they had tons of them. Then trooped over to the "very fresh nut" place in the south market for almonds, mixed with my Costco Parmigiano Reggiano and olive oil, I have ramp pesto for the next month. Sweet.

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                    Kos on Roncesvalles has ramps now. I've mentioned this place before. It's a great little spot that has excellent selection of specialty items. Nice selection of mushrooms, seasonal stuff like ramps and fiddleheads, big variety of heirloom tomatoes plus oils and other specialty items.

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                      Where on Roncies is Kos? Sounds great!

                      1. re: redearth

                        It's about three or four blocks up from Queen near Garden. Besides the produce the service is great. I forgot my wallet one day, no problem. They just tacked up the receipt and told me to come back in the future and settle up. Once in awhile they'll throw in a free yogourt or cheese or something extra.

                        Here's an article about them.


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                          Awesome, thanks! I'll be going today! Ramps with miso-marinated salmon for dinner tonight!

                          1. re: redearth

                            No problem. May just want to call ahead to make sure. I have no idea how plentiful the supply is.

                            1. re: jamesm

                              It's a nice day for a stroll on Roncies anyways, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that they have some ramps in stock!

                              1. re: redearth

                                Okay, good luck! They also have some nice Kumato tomatoes right now. I had them in a salad last night.

                                1. re: jamesm

                                  Just got back from Roncies, and Ko's has beautiful ramps! We picked up a bunch, as well as some sunchokes, a perfect organic avocado, an Umami tomato, a Kumato tomato, and some Pinehedge Farms Yogurt. Lunch was toasted stonemill bread with Back Forty's Madawaska ewe's milk cheese, sliced Umami and Kumato tomatoes, avocado, truffle salt, white truffle oil, and cracked pepper. We ate it on our back deck in the sun. Heaven! I preferred the Umami tomato - more flavourful than the Kumato, I think.
                                  Dinner tonight will be cedar-planked, miso-marinated salmon with grilled ramps and a truffled sunchoke purée. Boy, am I happy spring is finally here!

                                  1. re: redearth

                                    Told you it's a great spot. Glad you liked it! That's way better than my lunch -- nothing because I'm stuck in the office.

                                    1. re: jamesm

                                      Just finished dinner... delicious! Photos to come... Ramps were amazing - truly wild tasting and as fresh as can be!

                  2. Hmmm - anyone know of any places in Northern GTA (Yonge & 401 north) that sell Ramps?

                    We most likely have some on our property in Caledon, but I have never had these things but heard many good reports!

                    1. By chance, I went to the P.A.T. Korean supermarket at Bloor and Christie today and was pleasantly surprised to find ramps sold there. Reasonably priced at $2.99 per bunch, the ramps were very healthy -- the leaves were green and unbruised though the bulbs were somewhat on the small side. Still, I couldn't resist picking up three bunches.

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                        What's a ramp? Excuse my ignorance.


                        1. re: Squeakycheese

                          It's a wild leek, about the size of a spring onion. They grow in bogs or wet woodlands, and sprout quickly every spring.
                          It was popular in the U.K. for cock-a-leekie soup, and has recently become a springtime must-have in the northeastern U.S. and Canada.
                          You can pick them, wild, in Ontario if permitted by the landowner, but you cannot pick them in Quebec.

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                            They look like spring onions but with a big round bulb, right?

                            1. re: Teep

                              Nope, small bulb, purplish colour to the lower part of the leaves.

                      2. Got some from Brickworks already this season, simply grilled with some good evoo and sea salt.

                        Not to mention I had a fantastic ramp and potato soup at Quince tonight.

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                        1. re: Sadistick

                          The Brick Works farmers' market is opening for the season on May 23rd, so I doubt you got your ramps there. Did you mean to write another market?

                          1. re: Tatai

                            My cousin picked them up for me, thats where he said he got it - perhaps it was SLM - I dont know.

                            1. re: Sadistick

                              It really doesn't matter. I just didn't want people reading this to think that Brick Works has already opened.

                        2. unless i'm mistaken the ladies on the spadina in chinatown have piles and piles of ramps....

                          1. The Big Carrot has them, I think it was $4.99 a bunch. Thye looked a bit tired, I like the leaves also and they were not in good enough condition for me to want to eat the ones they had.