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[Dallas] Where can I buy lamb?

So after watching Pepin's cooking DVD, my boyfriend and I want to get a bone-in leg of lamb to play around with. We visited the butcher shop on Oak Lawn and they have boneless leg of lamb and it was kind of pricey (9.99/lb). They have boneless and partially bone-in (I think 6.99/lb) at Whole Foods. They don't have it at Costco, but Costco.com will ship a leg of lamb to you. The Costco.com one is fancy no-hormone, free-range, vegetarian lamb so of course it was expensive. Any idea where else can I find good lamb in Dallas? I'm probably going to try central market next. It's been on the top of my list of place to look but just haven't had a chance to stop by yet.

The other pertinent lamb question (we like lamb a lot): I've been looking for lamb meat with skin on. It's for a Taiwanese lamb stew that we love and miss. At H-mart, they have good old lamb stew meat which was skinless. I live near Love Field airport so I haven't gone up to Plano to check in the big Asian supermarkets up there yet. Have any of you come across any (preferably cubed) lamb with skin on up in Plano (or anywhere in/near Dallas)? I'm reluctant to drive up there without knowing for sure I'll get something since it's really quite a trek for us to go up.


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  1. You can try Rudolph's in Deep Ellum or Jimmy's Food Store on Bryan (and Haskell, perhaps?) Although I don't think either are open on the weekends, so won't be able to get it for easter (i know Jimmy's was taking special orders for easter lambs). cheers

    1. I just picked up a boneless leg of lamb at costco for 3.99/#. It was not in their standard meat section but on an end cap. Just ask their butcher.

      1. It may depend on the area you're in, but the Colleyville Albertson's used to carry bone-in lol - that was about 2 years ago.

        1. Unfortunately, if I recall, Rudolph's leg of lamb is frozen. I'd stick with Central Market.

          1. You might try some of the ethnic grocers, like the many Indian stores. I know they all carry goat and lamb. I am positive they would be the least expensive. There is an Indian Supermarket at 9400 North MacArthur, its a nice place. Also check the Mexican grocers. They all have butchers on staff and can do special orders if they do not carry what you need. They are also good for whole pig.

            Also the Lebanese or Middle Eastern grocer would more than likely have the lamb. Try World Food Imports 13434 Floyd Circle. Hard to find but worth it. Its sort of behind TI in Richardson. They make fresh pita and have other cool foodie items that you will enjoy.

            Hope this helps... I know it will save you money and give you an excellent resource for hard to find items for the good cook.

            1. Sam's has it sometimes but your local Albertson's or Kroger will order it for you. All so there is a middle east market on Floyd Circle near TI that will have it.

              1. Kuby's in Snyder Plaza sells Colorado lamb.

                1. I've bought boneless leg of lamb at Sprout's - I think it was $6.99. Sometimes I buy the rack of lamb at Costco for around $17 total. The best lamb I've ever had was the $29/pound rib chops I bought at Central Market.

                  1. In Garland, at the corner of Plano & Buckingham is an Indian/Pakistani butcher (south west corner - enterance is on buckingham). I have bought lamb chops from there, fresh cut to order, for like $4/lb (at whole foods it was $17/lb and central market it was $26/lb). I am a HUGE fan of lamb and if I'm looking for large quantities, I usually go here. They also have leg of lamb, and you may be able to get it with the skin on (or atleast call and order ahead of time to have them leave the skin on for you). Go to google maps and map over this area and type in butcher. I'm pretty sure that's how I'd initially found 'em.

                    Sprouts in Richardson also have good lamb, but usually only ground lamb, or lamb chops. Only sometimes have I seen leg of lamb.

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                      Saw your post and checked it out. The butcher is Texas King Zabiha Halal Meat Market. It is next door to Subzi Mandi a small supermarket.

                      I purchased a lamb shank ~ $5.00 / lb. The lamb was fresh and arrived at the shop the night before. Best tender lamb I've tasted.

                      On a separate note, my daughter loves vegetable Samosas and they have an assortment of frozen samosas in their freezer case.

                      Turns out they have a website: http://www.newtexasking.com/

                    2. I got one last month from Jimmy's. Bone in, Neiman Ranch lamb for around 5.99 a pound. It was not fozen.

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                        Jimmy's is a good source but, that lamb was ordered in (fresh not frozen) especially for Easter. Whole Foods sells fresh whole and half legs of lamb every day.
                        But, if you prefer American lamb, (my personal choice) try Kuby's.

                        A while back, I started a topic here on where I could find American raised lamb. There were many good suggestions. It shouldn't be too difficult to locate

                        1. I find Australian lamb at Tom Thumb Preston/Forest, they get a shipment in about once a week. They have racks (my favourite), and semi-boned legs. I can't remember the price, but I buy it a few times a month. They also have Kosher lamb but that is super expensive.

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                            Was at Sam's this week and they had terrific prices on lamb. Both boneless leg, chops and Frenched racks.

                          2. We buy the boneless leg of lamb at Costco. I think it's $3.99 per lb. and from Australia. Tom Thumb is now carrying lamb shanks from Australia (Diamond Valley brand) at $4.19 a lb., and these are about the best lamb shanks I have ever tasted!