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Apr 10, 2009 09:44 PM

Seattle's Best Dunganess Crabs

Looking for the best dunganess crabs around downtown Seattle. And of course other recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'll be in Seattle for 4 days.

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  1. Seven Stars Szechuan serves an amazing dunganess crab.

    1. Step up to the take-out counter at Jack's Fish Spot for Dungeness Crab cocktail, Cioppino, and more. Or just have them boil and crack one for you and take it to go. Nothing like fresh, sweet Dungeness with a little melted butter or even cold with mayo.

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        1. re: hickdolphin

          There's an arcade just East and South of the spot where Post Alley intersects Pike Place and Jack's is right there. It faces Pike Place and has open seafood tanks. The lunch counter faces South into the arcade entry.

          1. re: mrnelso

            I can't argue w/ seven stars, but if belltown is more convenient or for a more pleasant restaurant atmosphere, Flying Fish has a great salt-n-pepper wok crab that it is great. haven't had it since i develped my seven stars addiction, so check to see if it is still on the menu.

      1. The Stranger went to a couple places recently.
        As I read through I realized I hadn't actually had the crab at ANY of these place...(though it doesn't seem like I'm missing much)

        What I can offer is a word of warning on Anthony's.
        Their All-You-Can-Eat Sunday Crab feed used to be awesome, but they've raised the prices over the past couple of years, and the last couple of times, I feel like you could really taste that the crab was getting past it's use by date... (I believe they offer the deal because like most places, they don't get fresh stuff on Sundays and thus are just cleaning out their fridges/freezers)

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          if you've not had crab @ sea garden you've missed out... my favorite is the black bean

          1. re: oliveoyl

            Second black bean sauce crab at Sea Garden. I also like Szechuan or Ginger crab at Szechuan Chef in Bellevue. Nothing beats these chinese preparations for me.