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Apr 10, 2009 08:58 PM

road trip--Austin to Corpus

Hi everyone!
We are going on a Texas trip and were looking for some suggestions along the way... I tried the "texas" board but didn't get much of a response yet.
We're going to Victoria for lunch, then driving to Goose Island State Park, so we're looking for good spots along that route. We are then heading to Mustang Island State Park, so we're looking for places on the way/ near there. And finally, we'll be visiting Corpus because I need my picture taken with Selena's statue.
Any help would be appreciated, especially for things we'd be likely not to know about. Which is actually everything, come to think about it. :)
One small caveat is that I am a vegetarian and my boyfriend eats (and loves) fish. I know that's a big one, but we like eating off the menus of non-vegetarian restaurants as long as they have a couple things .
Thanks everyone!

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    1. While you are in Port Aransas [north end of Mustang Island] try Cafe Phoenix on Beach Street. It is fresh, and several vegetarian selections are ususally available. The fish dishes when I've been there have been enjoyed by everyone, and they are accomodating for specal diets including gluten free diets.
      Here's a map link:

      1. La Playa in Port Aransas is wonderful mexican food. We used to have a place in Rockport and whenever we'd drive to Port-A we'd go to the beach, then to La Playa, and then a candy store I'm sorry to say I can't remember the name of. La Playa has really good food and you should definitely get their guacamole. They make it right in front of you and it is the best guacamole I've ever had, which is saying a whole lot as I am a huge guacamole fan.

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          I second the motion for La Playa's guacamole!

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            The name of the candy shop is Winton's. They have excellent homemade fudge and specialty candies. It's easy to miss however. The door faces a parking lot and not the street. They have a small turquoise sign with a candy jar spilling over on it.

          2. Fun trip. If you take 183 out of Austin, you can pass through Port A on your way to Corpus. You will also g through Lockhart, Luling, Gonzales, Cuero, Goliad, Refugio and Aransas Pass.
            In Corpus I like the Tango Tea Rooom ( for vegetarian. Both the huge cucumber and mango spring rolls I had and the curry were great.
            In Port A, as mentioned above, I've heard good things about cafe Phoenix, and La Playa is wonderful. They are also across the street from each other. La Playa has fantastic strawberry margaritas and amazing flan. I didn't know flan could be that rich, it makes other flans taste like flan flavored jello. Shells in Port A also makes a good fish sandwich (maybe lunch only). I haven't had it, so I don't know what type of fish (ahi?), but everyone I know who's eaten orders it again and again.
            Bayside (tiny town between Refugio and Aransas Pass has a good sandwich shop called Crofuts which sells gigantic and equally delicious ranger cookies. And speaking of desserts, in Refugio L&L BBQ has a buttermilk pie (I think that's what it's called), that's amazing. I think the owner said it's a family recipe that's won pie contests.

            1. The Warf in Port A serves up great fried fish. They use a cracker crust just like my daddy. Good stuff. Craw Daddy's in Corpus serves up a good crawfish boil as well.