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Apr 10, 2009 08:23 PM

Anywhere but the DT Mtl area, please~!

Open to suggestions for:
1- Brunch places
2- Homemade Original Ice cream places
3- Homemade chocolate stores
4- Sushi places

I know they're spread out all over in different posts, but I would like all the suggestions here in one place

p.s. I'm open to any foods just as long as it's not spicy and the atmosphere isn't too "squishy", where I feel sardined in between 2 tables -- and somewhere where I can hold a conversation without screaming.

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  1. For Brunches : Réservoir, Byblos, Sparrow, McKiernan (?)
    For Ice-cream : Havre-aux-glaces (at Jean-Talon Market), Bilboquet (for their maple syrup special) both places are take-out.
    For Chocolate : Genevieve Grandbois, Juliette et chocolat, and another one with a woman's name (hey it's 2:30am, I cannot remember everything at this time!! :-) )
    For Sushi (even if montreal is not really a sushi place) : Jun-I, Mikado (laurier), Myamoto (for take-out)

    (I leave the googling and adresses search as an exercise to the readers)

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      1. re: Maximilien

        Ok... now onto brunch:

        Cosmo's in NDG
        Déjeuners Cosmopolitain (Pointe Claire)
        Villa D'Este (in the Chateau Vaudreuil Hotel - Sunday only)
        Restobar Zool (All the way in Pointe Fortune, but this is the place if you like to eat and eat and eat).

      2. I'll address the chocolate for now....

        Chocolates de Chloé - excellent, especially the fleur de sel. Bonus, you can see them being made in store, plus they are now located right next to Au Pied de Cochon... hard to do both in one night, so take the chocolates to go.

        Suite 88 - beautiful, elegant, and tasty. Not to be missed while you're there, is the dense hot chocolate. Available in dark or milk chocolate, plain or flavored (do not do the fleur de sel as the sel sinks to the bottom... very unpleasant at the end.

        Bouchées Gourmand - good, but not spectacular, but worth the trip for the opportunity to buy the foie gras in a jar. Just try not to eat it all in one sitting.

        Esprithé - really a tea shop, but they have nice tea infused chocolates here. Added bonus: some of the best macarons I have ever had.

        Festin de Babette
        Juliette et Chocolate
        Marlain Chocolatier - on the West Island. Jean-Philippe is a charismatic Guyanese born, Martinique raised,m Paris trained maitre chocolatier-confiseur... very nice chili chocoalte.

        Good luck!