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Apr 10, 2009 08:13 PM

Best Tasting Meatless Breakfast Sausage?

We're trying to eat less animal protein...

But we still want the taste of our favorites.

So, I know it's subjective... but which meatless breakfast sausage do you all think tastes the most like the "real" thing?

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  1. If it was me, I'd be searching for other meals in which to cut down my animal intake. I can think of nothing worse than a veggie sausage at breakfast. However, good luck in your quest.

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      There are some veggie sausages that are totally fine. This is coming from someone who eats meat and sausage with enthusiasm. I like the Gimme Lean, it comes in tubes like Jimmy Dean. It's great in scrambles or by itself. Best when a bit crispy. There are also some tempe bacon varieties out there that are decent too. Oh and Soyrizo too.

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        I've been eating Morningstar breakfast patties for breakfast for a few years and I love them. I also use them crumbled on homemade pizza. I'm a very picky eater and was very nervous about fake meat products, but I am addicted to these. And I've gotten my meat-loving husband eating them too.

        The links they make are not very good though.

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          I'm cutting back to one animal protein meal a day... so I don't want to "waste" it on breakfast ; )

        2. I can tell you that morningstar farms "patties" are horrendous. For a snausage, I'd check if Boca makes a product. I have no issues with fake burgers because they aren't trying to be a burger. You KNOW that a gardenburger is not meat, but a bunch of oats and beans and stuff pressed together. Sausage is a different story altogether IMO. I'd assume that boca would make a better product since their burger product actually does a decent job at replicating a burger. Good luck, if you find somethng good, please report back. I'll also be interested to see if someone posts a decent brand to try.

          1. I am in the same situation...still wanting the flavors and textures but looking to cut back on animal protien.
            I've tried quite a few, but the best ones I've tried so far are the Morningstar products, widely available in most regular supermarkets (the company is owned these days by Kelloggs). They have both patty and link breakfast "sausages" that are about as close as I've had to taste of the real thing, and have decent texture.

            Boca makes some "sausage" products as well, though I find their offerings way too salty tasting. It should be noted though, that many people do prefer Boca...I'm not one of them.

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              The morningstar for me was just fine. I made it for my friend visiting who doesn't eat meat. It was quite good. I would buy it again

            2. Thanks for the reviews so far.

              I think I'll seek out some coupons and do a comparison taste test. I'll let you know. But if anyone else wants to weigh in... please do!

              1. Check the fridge area of the health food section they usually have sausage made from soy or tempeh. I am a fan of soy-rizo, a vegetarian version of chorizo. It is great with eggs. I second Boca Burger sausages.