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Apr 10, 2009 08:11 PM

Dessert place in DC/MD??

I am wondering where are the sit down dessert places in MD/DC. Specifically, we are looking for some place that resembles Finale in Boston (not that Finale is that great), where one can go to get some late night dessert. If there aren't, I'd appreciate recommenations for places with good desserts that won't give you the look for not ordering your meals there.

Thank you

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  1. Kramer"s
    Coco Sala

    hmmm, there are not too many in DC proper. I think if it's late night and a restaurant is still open, there is nothing wrong with ordering just dessert. However, it is nice to make the waitress aware, though.

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      I 2nd both of these recommendations. CoCo Sala is more chic (think Sex in the City-esque) and Kramer's is more laid back.

      I have also gone to the bar at Cashion's Eat Place for a late night drink and dessert.

    2. I've stopped in Creme for dessert and was treated really well (at the bar), but it wasn't late at night. Cashion's Eat Place has a late night menu in the bar on weekends, until 2am I believe, I assume you could get dessert (which is really good) and they have great service there. Probably other places like that around, just a couple I know of.

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      1. The desserts at Central would be worth a stop at the bar, they have a few tables. The places mentioned above will be more what you are looking for, as it isn't desserts only. If there aren't reservations for that time I am sure they wouldn't mind seating you int he main dining room.

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        1. re: ktmoomau

          I 2nd this recommendation as well. You can eat at the small tables in the bar section. The desserts there are delicious and a lot of fun!

        2. Cfoodie,

          In D.C., Kramers Afterwords (Dupont Circle) is the obvious choice. Other than that, I don't know of anything great in the city that is open late night.

          In some cases, when we want some late dessert and coffee, there are some mega-diners that are open 24 hours and have their own bakeries. I used to go to the Four Seasons (Alexandria), but I heard a rumor that it closed. In Rockville, the Hollywood Diner on Rockville Pike has a pretty nice bakery with lots of rich desserts.

          My dream scenario: A branch of Vaccaro's at Dupont Circle. (Yes...I know. Dream on.)

          1. In addition to the other good recommendations, here are a few more:
            (1) The Tabard Inn has fantastic desserts. You can sit in the lounge area and just order dessert and drinks.
            (2) There's ACKC on 14th St. NW that specializes in all things chocolate: filled-chocolates, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, pastries, fondue, and gelato.
            (3) Locolat in between Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan specializes in Belgian chocolate (truffles, cake, ice cream) and sweet Belgian waffles.
            (4) Leopold's Kafe in Georgetown has great Austrian/European style desserts. They have real food on the menu but a lot of people go there just for dessert and coffee.

            I'm not sure how late any of these are open so you should check their closing times. Good luck!