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Apr 10, 2009 07:57 PM

Where to buy affordable Greens (Chard, Kale etc)

I'm trying to find places in West LA (if possible, would travel farther) that sell fresh, organic greens at a good price. I want to incorporate more raw greens into my diet (mostly through green smoothies).

So far I've gotten Baby Spinach at Costco for a really good price and the rest I bought at Wholefoods, which has a great selection but seems pretty expensive. Any ideas? The coop in Santa Monica maybe?


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  1. Check out JON'S market. Aren't certain if they have a westside store, but their prices are reasonable.

    Of course, if you want to travel to the San Fernando Road, just off the 2 Freeway, there is SUPER KING - the best, the freshest, and least expensive of all.

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    1. re: toitoi

      Super King particularly and some of the Jon's do have great produce departments. But the OP wanted organic greens and neither of these markets carries produce that is certified and labeled as organically grown.

      I would advise going to the farmers markets in Santa Monica or other locations and checking out the selections there. It may be less expensive there than Whole Foods but don't expect to find any real bargain prices for fresh, certified organically grown produce.

    2. Well, Marina Farms isn't exorbitant... the link is below. They're on Centinela near Jefferson. Pretty close to there (on Inglewood Blvd. near Culver Blvd.) is my top pick for cheap fruit (I know you said greens - they have SOME greens) but it's not organic - El Rancho Produce. Described with some other Westside produce vendors here:

      Marina Farms
      5454 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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      1. re: Cinnamon

        i'll emphasize what you already pointed out--marina farms is not organic nor is el rancho produce.

        for greens, which don't get peeled like some other fruits and vegetables, i can understand wanting to stick with organic product.

      2. Any farmer's market should have them. I believe the going rate at mine (Irvine, not helpful to you) is $1-$1.50 per pretty big bunch of collards, mustard greens, ong choy, kale, cavolo nero, etc.

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Maxx - Santa Monica Farmer's Market, Wed. and Sat. mornings at Arizona and Third. Also, Culver City Market on Tuesday pm, Hollywood Market on Sunday. Brentwood also on Sunday.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            some farmers markets have organic produce and others just have 'local' produce. you will need to stay alert to what is being offered.

          2. not quite what you're asking for, but if you ever get as far south as hermosa beach, THE SPOT restaurant offers a bowl of delicious freshly steamed organic mixed greens (NOT the frozen kind).

            1. Thanks everyone so far. I will check out Marina Farms, and when I'm in the area Super King. However, as Westsidegal already mentioned, esp for greens I really want to make sure they're organic.

              I'll check out the organic SM farmer's market tomorrow. The ones close to where I live don't have a good selection of organic produce I think.

              The other idea I had was a co-op where you buy a box of greens and have it delivered. Would that be a cheaper way to go? And how about the prices at the Co-opportunity in Santa Monica?

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              1. re: maxx11

                Hi - yes I should reiterate as Westside gal helpfully mentioned - El Rancho I doubt has anything intentionally organic, or very little, and I don't know re Marina Farms. It seemed to me that they likely had a blend of organic and not-so, but not strictly positive on that, probably worth a call before going.

                There are two actually organic delivery services I know of:

                The latter advertises $39 for a big box of stuff, but with any organic delivery service for me the issue would be whether I'd be able to prep and eat all that stuff - and how much choice I had in what was delivered! I mean, organic is great but often organic doesn't last long in the fridge (due to a number of things, including early industrial picking of the nonorganic stuff).

                There are a few 'specials' prices on produce listed here for Co-Opportunity, maybe you can compare them vs. what you usually pay:

                I always thought their prepared items were a bit on the high side but wasn't a member so didn't get the members' discount.

                So anyway I think Marina Farms would be worth a call and Co-Opportunity worth a visit.

                1. re: Cinnamon

                  I heard about the two delivery places above but I agree, those boxes might be too much. I did find the South Central Farmer's CSA which has convenient pick up locations throughout LA and their boxes are a bit smaller and cost only $15. I might try them:

                  And here's a link to what's in this week's box:

                  1. re: Cinnamon

                    i shop at marina farms all the time.
                    99.999% of their stuff is NOT organic.
                    MAYBE they might have some organic salad mix.
                    your local chain grocery store will have more organic produce than does marina farms.

                  2. re: maxx11

                    I just did a survey of the stand where I buy my (organic AND local) greens at Irvine. Everything from cavolo nero to tiny baby stinging nettles to chrysanthemum leaves to three kinds of spinach to mustard greens... I bought some nettles to will put into risotto with the mushrooms I bought.

                    Honestly, if Irvine has it, SM Wednesday will have it for sure.

                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      Actually, I thought the Saturday SM market would have it. Isn't that one specifically an organic farmers market?

                      Today, I just went to the co op in Santa Monica and it was great. They had everything I was looking for and more, and the prices weren't too bad. Still need to check out the some farmers markets though.

                      Ubergeek, that risotto sounds really good..I've been craving good risotto for a while now

                      1. re: maxx11

                        Part of my family are from the Langhe, and risotto with nettles (preferably the tiny baby leaves) and white truffles is a traditional dish there. Since I can't afford truffles of any description I just use mushrooms and it's not quite the same.

                        Out of curiosity, why raw? You wouldn't want to eat nettles raw, you'd be unable to eat anything else for three days (hmmmm, sounds like a best-selling diet book in the making...).

                        Did the Saturday organic market not have greens??

                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                          Sounds like a great dish. I'm not an expert on truffles, but the Oregon truffles at the Hollywood Market are pretty inexpensive. Of course there's no comparison to "real" truffles from Europe but maybe worth a try.

                          Didn't end up going to the SM market today because of what I found at the co-op. I really liked that store a lot and ended up spending way more than I had planned.