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Apr 10, 2009 06:44 PM

Matza Brei. Where to find in Manhattan.

Different tastes for toppings: Cinnamon sugar or maple syrup or salt and pepper. Where to find the best?

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  1. artie's deli on b'way 82ndish

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    1. re: dadad

      B & H on second ave in the EV had my favorite rendition, tho' i have not been there for a spell.....

      1. re: dadad

        Just returned from brunch at Artie's. The matzoh brei was really good!!! thank you!!

        1. re: dadad

          Is Artie's Deli savory or sweet?

        2. great. made my day. btw, community foods had matzoh brei as a brunch special today - not nearly as good as artie's.