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Apr 10, 2009 06:18 PM

7 Dinners in 7 Nights

We will be in NOLA for a week this summer. I was given a long birthday weekend as a gift last year and had 3 great dinners in 3 nights. Last year we hit Red Fish Grill, Muriel's,and Commander's. We are back this year for 7 in 7. Would love to see your favorites listed 1 through 7.

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  1. Bayona, August, Stella, Galatoire's, Herbsaint, Lilette, Clancy's, and Emeril's. I gave you one to grow on. These are in no particular order.

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      Oops. Forgot Brigtsen's. Mrsfury, Clancy's isn't a steakhouse, although I assume they have one on the menu. Laboca's great for steaks though.

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        Oh gee I really thought it was a steak place. I guess I need to get over there. Thanks!

    2. Galatoire's, Clancy's, Iris, Brigtsen's, Martinique Bistro, Lilette, Patois, Luke

      1. Nobody said LaBoca? Clancy's is better? I'm curious because sweetie is a steak fan and we have not been to Clancy's.

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          Did not make it to Clancy's but we had a reservation for an aborted trip. When I called to cancel, they could not have been nicer and were as professional, on the phone, as I have ever encounterd. A good sign for a restaurant, but we ARE here for the food, and I cannot comment on that.


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            at Clancy's, it's hard for me to stray from their soft shells, sweetbreads, oysters w/brie, and veal chop. I'm sure I've seen a steak or filet on the menu, but I lean towards things I don't cook at home. have never been disappointed, so if there is beef, I'm sure it's good.

          2. In order: Bayona, Herbsaint, August, Luke, Lola's, Stella, Mat and Naddies

            1. Here are some recent reviews (OK, some might not be so "recent" any more), that might give you some ideas:




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                Ralphs on the Park, Crescent City Steakhouse, Mandinas, Upperline, Cafe Giovanni and K-Pauls.