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7 Dinners in 7 Nights

We will be in NOLA for a week this summer. I was given a long birthday weekend as a gift last year and had 3 great dinners in 3 nights. Last year we hit Red Fish Grill, Muriel's,and Commander's. We are back this year for 7 in 7. Would love to see your favorites listed 1 through 7.

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  1. Bayona, August, Stella, Galatoire's, Herbsaint, Lilette, Clancy's, and Emeril's. I gave you one to grow on. These are in no particular order.

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      Oops. Forgot Brigtsen's. Mrsfury, Clancy's isn't a steakhouse, although I assume they have one on the menu. Laboca's great for steaks though.

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        Oh gee I really thought it was a steak place. I guess I need to get over there. Thanks!

    2. Galatoire's, Clancy's, Iris, Brigtsen's, Martinique Bistro, Lilette, Patois, Luke

      1. Nobody said LaBoca? Clancy's is better? I'm curious because sweetie is a steak fan and we have not been to Clancy's.

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          Did not make it to Clancy's but we had a reservation for an aborted trip. When I called to cancel, they could not have been nicer and were as professional, on the phone, as I have ever encounterd. A good sign for a restaurant, but we ARE here for the food, and I cannot comment on that.


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            at Clancy's, it's hard for me to stray from their soft shells, sweetbreads, oysters w/brie, and veal chop. I'm sure I've seen a steak or filet on the menu, but I lean towards things I don't cook at home. have never been disappointed, so if there is beef, I'm sure it's good.

          2. In order: Bayona, Herbsaint, August, Luke, Lola's, Stella, Mat and Naddies

            1. Here are some recent reviews (OK, some might not be so "recent" any more), that might give you some ideas:




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                Ralphs on the Park, Crescent City Steakhouse, Mandinas, Upperline, Cafe Giovanni and K-Pauls.

              2. We just got back from NOLA, and tried to eat as much as we could and did not get to go everywhere we wanted. these are not in order just places we liked.

                August, Cochon, Coquette, Commander's, Luke, Casementos, and would try Stella, Bayona, or Herbsaint.

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                  Too many months to go. Keep on suggesting....... Thanks

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                    Del Porto (it is on the Northshore), Patois, Stella, Bistro Daisy, August or La Provence, Boucherie (for lunch), Iris, Herbsaint, Cochon (for lunch), Mila (for appetizers), Casementos, Bayona (amazing sweetbreads), Brigtsen's...

                2. Stella, August, Bayona, Emeril's, Lola, Lola, La Boca

                  1. No one has mentioned Dick & Jenny's. We just got back from New Orleans, and had an excellent meal at D & J. The grits and grillade was outstanding, the pork with goat cheese and port reduction was superb, and not nearly as heavy as expected. The wine list is an absolute bargain. No pretense, just great food.

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                      I inadvertantly left them off (oops!)but yes they have great food and are family friendly for those dining with children.