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Apr 10, 2009 06:18 PM

Dinner with your best friends. Where to go?

FABULOUS food, reasonably priced and great for conversation. Where to go - anywhere in Manhattan. All cuisines, especially Italian or New American.

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  1. Please define "reasonably priced". This means different things to different people.

    1. 'inoteca. it can be a bit loud, but you can still have good conversation. the food is wonderful and it's not too pricey.

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          so i do like stanton social...i've been there at least a dozen times, mostly because it's an easy place to take out of town friends. it can be reasonably priced if you're careful with what you order and not order cocktails. word of warning, though...the upstairs gets so loud and difficult to have a conversation...the downstairs is a bit better.

      1. If I were answering this question for myself, I would choose Perilla in the Village. I've had many great meals there, and the price point seems very reasonable to me, given the quality of the food. I think of it as a great place for conversation-- see if they'll let you reserve one of the booths-- it feels a little more private than a standard four top. Good luck! Hope you have a great night out.

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          Just made a reservation at Perilla. Menu looked wonderful!!! Thanks for the recommendation.