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Apr 10, 2009 05:07 PM

Katsuno Japanese in Forest Hills

Anyone been Katsuno that took over the old Ran space about 5 months ago? They are featured in today's neighborhood eats on Ch 7 eyewitness news,
video link is there as well.....

Heard from other sources that it's the real deal.

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  1. Went about a month ago. It's the real deal. It was also given a great review in Serious Eats.
    We mostly had sushi/sashimi, however they have many Japanese noodle dishes. Serious Eats highlighted a salad with Salmon sashimi and sea urchin that I am dying to try. I really need to get over there again. Not cheap though.

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    1. re: daveyj

      Went on a Wednesday night. The dashi in the noodle dishes was excellent, tempura was some of the best I've had in ny, sashimi was okay, nicely cut but nothing special. The noodles themselves are the frozen variety though. But for the same amount of money I could have gone to Sobaya, Soba Totto or Matsugen for freshly made soba or udon instead.

    2. Thanks Janie for the link. I tried this place about 3 weeks ago. This place IS NOT cheap. We only had one cooked dish we tried mostly sushi and the Salmon and Sea Urchin salad. We did have steamed crab meat dumplings special that were very bland, but I guess that might have been the point?

      The fish quality seemed pretty good and most stuff was tasty. I found out that Sea Urchin wasn't for me (first and last time having it). The quality seemed pretty high, but the portions were on the small side and it was pricey.

      I was and am a Mickey's Place lover. The quality of the fish and value for what you get is probably unmatched in all the sushi places I have gone to around NY in my opinion. I still schlep over to Bell Blvd to get my fix.

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      1. re: NYMike

        Is Mickey's really all that and a bag of chips? I've seen some Yelper claiming it was as good as Kyubei and Mizutani which I find ridiculous.

        1. re: Ricky

          I haven't been to Mickey's since he moved to Bayside, but least for sushi and sashimi, Mickey's was as good as I've ever had anywhere.

          1. re: EricMM

            I have been to Mickey's several times for sushi. I would not consider it in the same league as a top ny sushi restaurant (thinking of Sushi Yasuha), or second tier (such as Ushiwakamaru). Based on nyc alone, I would agree the claim is ridiculous. It is a very good for an outerborough sushi spot. Maybe comparable with Taro in Park Slope.

          2. re: Ricky

            I went to mickeys several years ago and found it to be ok, which is the quality of most Japanese restaurants in the hood. Goes to show you how you can't take restaurant reviews to heart; peoples tastes are different. I'm looking forward to trying katsuno for the first time Friday.

            1. re: NicoleFriedman

              I went to Mickey's last night with my family, for the first time since they moved to Bayside. It was like an old homecoming. The food is just as good (and the sake selection even better) as it was. I still haven't been to Katsuno, so I can't compare. However my son has been there, and raved about it. When I asked him which he preferred after last night's dinner, he said Mickey's. ( I must add, though, that I am not a fan of fancy rolls...I just order sashimi and a few pieces of sushi...but I'm always thrilled when I can get mirugai.)

              103-01 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

        2. There were a couple of very promising reports in January and last month ...

          103-01 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

          1. was going to go after seeing a little review in Chopsticks NY magazine.


            it also highlights that salmon/uni salad.

            1. My husband and I ate there a few weeks ago and were impressed by the quality of the food. The sushi and sashimi were very fresh and the miso cod was pretty good (though not as good as the ones I've had at Lan and Nobu in Manhattan). We also liked the pickled cucumber appetizer we tried, and the waitress (I think she was the owner's wife?) was incredibly warm and attentive. I'd recommend it, but it is pricy.