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Apr 10, 2009 04:44 PM

Modern Apizza in New Haven--how long wait on a Saturday at noon?

Planning to go to Modern tomorrow, Saturday. If we arrive at noon, can anyone estimate how long the wait will be? (We'll have a 2 year old with us...) I see that they open at 11. Would it be much better if we got there at 11:30 am?

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  1. Amy, I have no idea, but maybe give Modern a ring and see if they can let you know. If they open at 11, they should be able to tell you. They're probably still open now, even. Good luck! This place has been on my list to try for some time now. Hope it's great!

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      This Saturday should not be a wait. The Saturday lunch during Easter weekend is NOT a big dining out time. People are busy traveling, doing last minute preparation or clothing shopping and taking kids for haircuts.

      Also, you have none of the weekday lunch break competition from area offices looking for tables. No Yale sports visitors either. Seating should be within 10 minutes.


    2. We went this past Tuesday and got there by 11:30ish, we sat immediately (the place was already packed only a few booths left). Within 10 minutes there was a slight wait. It took only 12 minutes for a large pie, so I think the turnover is quick and the answer to your question is that it is just luck of the draw.

      1. My son & I went a couple of Saturdays ago @ noon and got right in. No waiting