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Apr 10, 2009 04:26 PM

best places to eat in Paris? bistros, cafes, ect?

Thank god for this forum! We are going to be in Paris the first 2 weeks of May. We are willing to go anywhere in the area for the best food. We like to go to local places, because it seems to have the best flavor and prices. It doesn't necessarily need to be an expensive place. But if they have good food, then we're willing to spend the money! Can anyone recommend any place?

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  1. Am very tedious and always tend to recommend the same - L'Ardoise in teh Rue de Mont Thabor; Bistrot du Dome de Montparnasse, L'Affriole in the Rue Malar; Bistrot de Breteuil (new place but was pretty impressed); forgotten place in the Rue St Dominique but traditionally South Western; Not many places in the Marais sadly, but hope this gives you some ideas for starters.

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      If you scroll down this forum and check earlier pages, you'll find lots and lots of recommendations. Lots of places are mentioned over and over.
      It wil take some time, but to prepare a trip is part of the whole experience.

      And 'best' is always a very personal matter. To tell that, you'd have to try every single boulangerie in Paris for a croissant or a tarte au citron, etc. and even then, the opinion would be personal.

      The above suggestions are already a good start, just that the Bistrot de Breteuil isn't new at all. ;o)

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        I know that Bistrot De Breteuil isn't new its just that I made a comment that they were all old faves, but Bistrot de Breteuil was, for me, a new discovery!