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Apr 10, 2009 03:34 PM

ISO good eats @ sherbrooke & bleury

Looking for a decent priced restaurant in walking distance of sherbrooke and bleury

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  1. Depends what you mean by walking distance and decent priced, but if you want crazy cheap within five minutes there's Lola Rosa, Buns and Place Milton, just to name a few. Search the boards, the first two have their own threads.
    And Chinatown's only ten minutes away, loads of cheap eats there.

    1. One of my favorite real Japanese Restaurants ( where the world does not revolve around Maki) is Osaka at 2137 Bleury below Sherboorke on the east side. Tel: 514-849-3438.Ask for help with the Japanese offerings as the english menu is only about 50% of what they cook.

      1. There is a nice lunch place on Bleury right before de la Gauchetiere, if that's not too far for you. It's called Sur Bleury:

        It can be pretty packed though, and they only take reservations until 12:15.