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Apr 10, 2009 02:59 PM

Emperor - Another fine Dim Sum/Chinese Cuisine place in Richmond Hill

Based on inside scoop information, we went to try out the newly opened 'Emperor - Fine Chinese Cuisine' at 9019, Bayview Avenue in Richmond Hill today. ( old Grand Yatt location ).

Whilst Yang's Chinese Cuisine further up the road managed to lure the head chef from Scarborough's stalwart - Dragon Dynasty, Emperor did one better by hiring the head chef of Casa Imperial of Markham!

Overall, the dim sum lunch we had was pretty enjoyable with the normal hit and misses. Variety of dim sum choices was very impressive with even more selection than Full House. The special 'Chicken and abalone pie', with its juicy filling and generous amount of diced abalone used, was the highlight of the lunch. Another standout was the spicy beef tendons, which was very tender and flavourful. The fried taro croquette was piping hot, surprisingly not greasy and an abundant of juicy filling. Other normal dim sum favourites such as steamed pork spareribs, chicken feet, beef tripe, turnip cake, rice ( cheung fun ) noodles, B-B-Q pork buns and peppered salt fried squid tentacles were all nicely done. Their quality In line with some of the finer establishments in the vicinity. Only disappointment was the oversized shrimp dumpling ( Har Gow) which spend too much time in the steamer thus resulting in the skin being too wet and mushy. Price range for the dim sum is S=$2.80, M=$3.80, L=$4.60 and Sp=$7.00. Just a touch on the high side.

Some of the dinner set menus look pretty good as well, Will definitely give them a try down the road. They also have selected ultra-value daily specials. Eg, For Monday, the normal $39.98 Peking duck two ways can be have for only $18.88. On Tuesday, roasted top pigeon is only $13.88 down from the regular $22. On Wednesday, stuffed conch, Portuguese style is only $4.50 each down from $6.88. Lobster, normally $22/lb, on Sunday, its only $12/lb!

Should be interesting to watch Yang's and Emperor competing for turf domination!

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  1. Hi Charles, yes, the dim sum at Emperor is quite enjoyable, good dim sum with not much twist. I like the spicy beef tendons especially. But the most memorable is their Har Gow ! Not the quality but it size, it is the biggest I have ever seen so far !

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    1. re: skylineR33

      Yeah! Looks like every one is trying to be different and create giant 'golf ball' size won-ton or har-gow. Guess before long, sushi will be the size of hot dogs! Ha!

    2. Hey guys, thanks for the heads up on yet another fine dim sum establishment way up north. Do you by chance know if the chef that left Casa Imperial is the dim sum or dinner chef? I'm supposed to be having a dinner w/ a group at Casa Imperial in a week or so, just wanted to know if my meal might suffer w/ their new chef...

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        Hello Royaljelly! Happy Easter! Long time no chat!! Fancy another chowmeet in the future?!
        Back to your question. The chef that left is the dinner chef! Oops! Guess thats why the Emperor menu features Casa's famous roast pigeon and some of Casa's other dishes! Hay! skylineR33, may be we can give Emperor a try on a Tuesday! Only $13.88 per bird!
        Meanwhile, Royaljelly, do let us know how your Casa dinner goes! Good Luck!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          $13.88 is a good deal. The owner at John's BBQ told me his pigeon supplier charges him $12 per pigeon !?

          1. re: Charles Yu

            So we had our big event dinner last night at Casa Imperial and it was a big disappointment with the new chef (compared to a very good meal I had there a few months back). While the 10 course dishes were flying out of the kitchen and had good presentation overall, the flavours were a real let down. Appetizer was a mish mash of deep fried pork ribs, fried bitter melon in egg yolk, deep fried crab. Mains such as the abalone w/ veggie was the only decent dish. All the others like the fried lobster, stir fried fish fillets w/ the deep fried fish carcass (and no sauce), seafood soup, to fried rice (w/ chinese lap churn sausage) was painfully salty and lacked the refinement that I was expecting.

            Looks like it's time to go to Emperor soon...

            1. re: Royaljelly

              Good evening Royaljelly,
              Sorry to hear that! May be we can have a mini-chowmeet at Emperor with skylineR33?!

        2. Thanks Charles, I'll have to go check this place out!

          1. Does anyone know what Emperor is called in Chinese?

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            1. re: tksh

              Cantonese pronounced ' Gwun Lum Tin Ha '

              1. re: Charles Yu

                I went today for dim sum but there was quite a line up already at noon. Worst yet, we saw regulars that just walked in and got placed at the head of the queue, in front of everyone else with numbers. In the end, we got tired of waiting and went over to Yang's instead (which in contrast, was just full but not overwhelmed).

                I actually had dinner at Emperor a few weeks ago without knowing it (only knew its Chinese name at that point). We had the $168 Peking Duck set and I remember the meal as disappointing. The duck was roasted well but there were little meat served after for the cabbage wraps. What happened to the rest of the duck?

                The other dishes weren't memorable. I do recall an eggplant dish that was paired with something that didn't go well at all and some fried fish filets served with wasabi-mayo sauce. I think we came out noting that the chefs tended towards stronger and saltier flavour.

                To their credit though, there were a few large table banquet style dinners that same night as well so maybe we just had bad luck.