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Apr 10, 2009 02:39 PM

St. Germain Elderflower Liquer

I just returned from a wknd trip to nyc and we hit several restaurants and lounge/bar places and a began to notice a recurring theme on their cocktail menus - St. Germain Elderflower liquer. It was in everything. I had some amazing cocktails, including a pear cosmo at Bar Boulud, the mosquito at The Rose Bar @ Gramercy Park Hotel and red pepper, red pepper at Pegu Club. All were exquisite. I also saw many cocktails made with lillet blanc, a favorite summer treat for me.

I know very little about St. Germain and am thinking of buying a bottle. I've read a little on the internet. What do you use it in?

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  1. I love it . There is an interesting story re the inventor and his brother who also concocted a new liquer Will try to locate. Last night in Cambridge at Rendezvous I had what bartender Scott calls a " Boutoneirre "(sp) Apple Jack, Sweet Vermouth and St Germaine shaken served up with a twist of orange Wonderful....there is also a Parisian Orchid at Green Street that has vodka St germaine and lemon...another hit

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      By far this is my faovrite liqueur to date.

    2. We just bought our third bottle... the bottles are gorgeous by the way. At The Wine House when we were there burning a gift certificate they had a product demo girl passing out little St. Germain sorbets. Yes it was great! Would make a lovely snocone too! We'd previously bought a bottle - never having had tasted it - as a gift for the host of a party we went to. So we picked up a bottle at Wine House and tried it. Very nice. Mostly we've had it with champagne - if I recall, I think there's a little recipe booklet around the neck of the bottle and if not there are recipes at their Website. We do need to branch out to other uses, but it's nice and light and unique.

      1. St. Germain is next on my list of purchases.

        Jamie Boudreau writes a blog that I follow, and a while back he did a good piece about St. Germain. If you are interested in spirits, his whole blog is worth following.

        There are some recipes there, and in the comment section as well.

        I've read that it is also a good add-in for a variation on a pisco sour, or an aviation.

        1. Made this one last night:

          L'amour en fuite (Love on the Run)

          1.5 Plymouth gin
          1.0 Lillet blanc
          0.5 St. Germain

          Shake over ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass given a rinse of K├╝bler absinthe (pastis, like Henri Bardouin, will do, too). Garnish with a shaving of lemon peel.

          Very smooth, balanced.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            Weird... I made one of them Thursday night! Good, but even just a wash absinthe seemed to take over the drink (I used lucid)

            1. re: white light

              Time to bust out the eye-dropper! I really liked the accent that the absinthe added. I think the drink would have lacked depth without it.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                "bust out the eyedropper" - excellent

                1. re: Cinnamon

                  Not really my idea: there's an outstanding high-craft cocktail bar in Boston called Drink that stores all its bitters in uniform bottles with pipette caps. The working areas look like chemistry labs, everything measured with precision. Very cool place.


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                    try using a spray mister to cover just the surface of a drink with hint of absinthe or bitters, liqueurs, etc. Works better than an eye dropper.

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                      I just tried this cocktail, with a heavy rinse of absinthe, and found it to be quite nice, and well balanced. The play between the absinthe and the St. Germain was lovely and complex, and the gin and lillet (actually, I had to substitute Noilly Prat vermouth) provided a nice backdrop. One of the few really well-balanced cocktails I have tried with St. Germain.

            2. re: MC Slim JB

              Okay, yum. I don't know about the absinthe though. How about a little green chartreuse?

            3. Just tried this and it's very tasty and very light:

              shochu (Japanese equivalent but probably better, of soju, a light sake-esque spirit)
              coconut water
              St. Germain
              tiny bit of cane sugar syrup
              lemongrass stalk to chew on

              I'll make this again. The coconut water and shochu are both light and delicate enough to not overwhelm the St. Germain. I am also wondering how St. Germain would pair with rosewater or rose syrup in something.

              Here is a thread on shochu:

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                Wow, another one - damn, this sounds good. I love the lemongrass stalk - very nice. Too bad the liquor store isn't open on Sundays!