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Jun 24, 2004 05:09 PM

Roll N Rye - Culver City

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I just went there for lunch today, and promptly walked out before even ordering. We were looking for a good lunch place - salads, sandwiches, etc., and have seen this place many times so we figured we'd give it a go. It's a deli, so they have a ton of different foods: lox and bagels, pastrami sandwiches, chili, baked chicken, etc. The atmosphere is basic deli, service seemed friendly, etc.

But their PRICES are unbelievable!! $19 for the "special salad" which is essentially a spinach salad with some salmon on top. Sandwiches range from $11-20, as do salads. A grilled cheese is $7!! And forget getting an entree - they are well over $20.

I can understand if this place offered something special, like organic greens, a wide choice of exotic dressings or gold booths, but give me a break. Their chicken salad sandwich is on what looks like Wonder bread and the food looks like decent cafeteria fare.

The sticker shock was enough to kill the appetite - we went elsewhere.

If anyone else has eaten there and can convince me the food is amazing, I'll give it a chance.

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  1. Roll 'N Rye was always my, just got off a long flight from Asia and wanted Kosher-style food place, otherwise, don't waste your money.

    1. The food is indeed over-priced, and very average IMHO.

      Where have all the decent delis gone?

      1. "$19 for the "special salad" which is essentially a spinach salad with some salmon on top."

        What kind of salmon, lox generally runs anywhere from $20 to $35 a pound, depending on the source.

        A deli smoked fish platter at $40 is not unheard of.

        How much was a basic corned beef or pastrami sandwich? Probably anything from $6.50 to $8.50 is reasonable in a deli.

        1. It's still a funny place with the bagel and pickle sticking out of the roof and the deli food made to look like celebrities.

          1. What are you complaining about? Have you been to any other deli in Los Angeles?

            I have never been to Roll N Rye so I can't vouch for the food quality, but the prices as you describe seem to be inline with all of the other major delis always talked about on this board in the City and Valley.

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            1. re: Steve-o

              What are YOU talking about? There are plenty of delis that serve a $6 sandwich/fries, and salads under $19. No, the salmon on that special salad was not smoked salmon or lox, it was a tiny piece of grilled salmon.

              Platters are another thing, and I would fully expect to pay more for a smoked fish platter. But that's not what I'm talking about - I'm talking lettus and bread here....

              1. re: Clare K.

                The prices at Roll n Rye are comparable to say, Junior's, which is to say they are pretty high.

                Dollar for dollar you will get better value at a place like Brent's in Northridge, although that's a ways to go if you're on the westside.

                Ultimately you're paying for convenience of location. It all comes down to how far you're willing to travel for a good hot pastrami!

                1. re: Clare K.

                  I am on the road about 4 days a week all over the city for my business and I usually have lunch at one of the major delis. To watch my cholesterol I don't eat pastrami but I do eat a Turkey Sandwich on a Kaiser roll with tomato and a glass of 2 cents plain. I eat regularly at Brent's in Northridge, Art's in Studio City, Nate N Al's in Beverly Hills, and Junior's in Westwood. It all depends on which client I am visiting.

                  I wind up paying the same within a few pennies at each place. For example, Brent's charges $9.95 for their turkey sandwich but charges me extra for my Kaiser roll and tomato bringing the total to $11.45. Art's in contrast charges $11.50 for their turkey sandwich, but includes at no extra charge the Kaiser roll and tomato. The other delis are all with 20 cents of each other.

                  I have not seen a $6.00 whole sandwich at one of the major delis in the city for a very long time. It does not seem that Clare has even seen any of the menus for all of these delis. Roll N Rye's sandwich prices are right in line with all of the other major delis by what I have experienced.

                  1. re: Clare K.

                    Respectfully and quality considerations aside, please tell me what DELIs (and not fast food stands) offer a 6 dollar sandwich? With fries yet? It's unfortunate, but deli food in general is a real poor example of bang for the buck.

                    As for Roll n Rye, I rarely go due to it's inconvenience, but they do have good kosher hard salami, and I remember Pastrami sandwiches being okay.

                    1. re: Briggs

                      I think that was a deli called "Subway" that still has sandwiches for $6. For the most part, real delis tend to be overpriced. But often you get a gigantic portions. To me, it is the same thing with BBQ joints. These days, a $12 sandwich isn't that out of whack. Of course you can find places cheaper, but I think most are going to be in that range. If paying more than $6 gives you sticker shock, I would avoid eating in any well-known delis in NYC.

                    2. re: Clare K.

                      clare k,
                      your price information is simply not at all accurate.
                      virtually all delis charge WAY more than $6 for a sandwich with fries.

                      dunno where your bargain joint is located, nor what, exactly you are being served, but it is a disservice to this board to slam a deli over price when you are using false price info.

                      1. re: westsidegal

                        wsg - ClareK put that post up over 5 years ago, so the costs she talked about were undoubtedly much more on point back then.

                          1. re: Servorg

                            This reminds me of those talmudic discussions where Rabbi X vehemently contradicts the opinion of Rabbi Y ... written 3 centuries before. The most amazing thing is when somebody responds in the name of Rabbi Y. But I'm digressing here.

                            1. re: RicRios

                              "But I'm digressing here."

                              That's okay. I'm digesting over here. ;-D>