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Apr 10, 2009 02:02 PM

Food In East (Calgary)

Food In East (5-4100 Marlborough Drive NE) is the little Chinese restaurant that had the unfortunate luck of being the scene of a violent crime in 2008.

It has reopened since the incident, and we, regulars to the restaurant, were saddened to see the drastic drop in their business. Granted, many customers probably are reluctant to patronize a former 'crime scene'; but, the owners still need to make a living, so they continue to plug along. The first time we returned, we were the only people willing to dine in the restaurant. The other customers all ordered food to go.

The food there is home-style Peking and Cantonese food: great crispy chicken, Peking-style pork, steamed pork/egg dishes, and tasty hot pots (our favourite being the eggplant, salted fish, and pork). They also do a pretty good Peking Duck.

The place may not be the fanciest or have the best ambience, but the food is topnotch.

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  1. so do they do Canadian Chinese or Chinese Chinese? What is the food comparable to ie another Chinese resturant in Calgary?

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      They are a Chinese Chinese restaurant that offers home-style dishes; but, they also do the more Westernized fare for those who want it. Order off the dine-in menu, and you will find all sorts of authentic dishes not on the take-out menu.

      I would compare this restaurant to the likes of Happy Hill, which also does good food. However, Food In East offers larger portions, and, in my opinion, more flavourful dishes.

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          Not necessarily- but that would also make it authentic.

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            I would attribute the better flavours more to the 'wok hay', the quality of the ingredients used, and the skill of the chefs, rather than to a few shakes of a flavour enhancer.

      1. Ok I like family owned businesses and support them but just a wee wee complaint. AFter Fid posted we decided to hop over them to have some dinner. As a dine in special you get salt and pepper squid if you order 30 bucks of food. After order 3 dishes around 10 bucks and rice for 3... the server said we still needed to order another dish so we ordered some soup for the baby about $7. So When is 30 bucks not 30 bucks?

        The food was decent even if one of the dishes came out with the wrong meat assortment and the service was friendly.

        So Fid, has the business there gone up any?