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Apr 10, 2009 01:51 PM

What can you make in the rice cooker besides rice?

Any ideas for different grains, or even one pot meals?

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    1. I make oatmeat in my rice cooker way more often than I make rice.

      1. I make all kinds of grains in the rice cooker: quinoa, barley, millet, amaranth come to mind. I've also steamed vegtetables and fish.

        There's a book I like "The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook : 250 No-Fail Recipes for Pilafs, Risottos, Polenta, Chilis, Soups, Porridges, Puddings and More, from Start to Finish in Your Rice Cooker" if you're really trying to get more use out of your rice cooker. It gives you a lot of fun ideas, dim sum and such. You have to be willing to experiment a little as all rice cookers are a little different and this book is for the generic rice cooker.


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          I forgot to mention that I also use The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook.