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Apr 10, 2009 01:25 PM

China Pearl Dim Sum this morning

What a delicious and fresh feast. It was a little early for so much food but 9:30 AM was a great time to go, there were no crowds, carts coming by very frequently with piping hot, fresh food. All the old standbys were delicious: shu mai, har gau, shrimp in rice noodle, beef balls. I even had something new that I had never seen before that also was excellent, it was shaped like a beef ball but it was made up of shrimp and it was sitting on a large black mushroom.

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  1. im glad china pearl is still churning out good food. I havent been there for about 8 months and it seems that I'm due for a visit.

    1. We had a fun time last weekend - pictures will come! BTW, 11 AM for eight was fine, by the time we left, the line was loooong!

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        Pix are at

        A fun time, indeed. Particularly enjoyed the salt-fried shrimp, Chinese broccoli, steamed rice in lotus leaf (no pic), and the eggplant dish--as well as the silken tofu in sugar syrup, which was new for me. Has anyone tried the pork blood in bean sauce?

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          it was definitely a fun time. my favorites were the chicken feet in black bean sauce, char siu bao, steamed beef balls with tofu skin, fried turnip cake, chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, egg custard tarts, and dofu hua (silken tofu in sweet syrup). many thanks to suzieck for her intimate knowledge of dim sum at china pearl

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            the idea of blood served with any kind of sauce is pretty funny.

            I know what it means, but its funny

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              I'll add my votes for the tripe in ginger (!), the delicious broccoli, the eggplant and shrimp, and I liked the simple but lovely fried taro puffs. Quick note, the broccoli, shrimp, and clams all came from the steam table (which is where the blood was, also). Make sure you check there for goodies!

          2. The lines even when long tend to go pretty fast. My family has been going here practically since I was born and it's always been our standby for fast, delicious dim sum.


            1. Sounds good. Had that same mushroom item at Empire Garden last week.
              For what it's worth, I've never had anything that wasn't "fresh" at any of the Chinatown dim sum venues, ever, at any time in my life.