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Apr 10, 2009 12:28 PM

Kailua Pub

I am going to have lunch again at the new pub in Kailua across from the Boston's Pizza. They
have over 30 beers on tap and a lovely ambiance. They went all out on changing the face of the
building to look like a real English pub. I went last month and had the fish and chips which had a
great light batter crisply fried and a nice amount of fries. We also had a rueben which was also
very good, lots of corned beef, no 'weird' pieces or stringy parts and a balanced amount of sauerkraut and sauce. Maybe we'll try something different today. I'll post later and give the address
and all that since I don't remember. Oh, the service was really good too, friendly but not to
overpowering. We'll have to make it through the deluge it is really pouring over here!

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  1. We had another great lunch there. We got there right after they opened and rather than sit in the dining room we sat in the bar and had great service from the bartender. She was also busy training two new employees. We started with their wings which were just the right balance of spicy sauce over crisp wings. Then we had the fish and chips which again was lightly coated and very crisp batter over two long large pieces of fish. Our burger was simply amazing. Waaay better than the Kua Aina fare and very reasonable in price. The burger is $5.95 with extra ingredients at 50 cents each. We had bacon and swiss cheese. We asked was the onion grilled and the bartender did not skip a beat in saying "no, but it can be." The burger is huge and was cooked to perfection and very juicy as well. The onion came not just 'grilled' I thought maybe they'd just set it on the grill and get some nice grill marks but no, they actually sent out
    buttery melt in your mouth onions atop the burger. Both orders came with perfect fries nice and crisp and hot. We had 3 beers each and the total with tax was about $48.00 with change.
    Beers average around 3.00 for domestic and 4.50 for the smaller craft brews and European
    brands. They do have 30 beers on tap and their well vodka is Svedka. When we left the dining room was full and the bar had a good crowd as well. BTW the fish and chips were $8.50 I think the wings were about 7.00. I hope they can continue and stay in business our side needs some good food at reasonable prices and they are doing it right so far. They've only been open since November but my first two meals there have been very good and I shall go back. The most expensive thing on the menu was a steak dinner with mashed potatoes for $15.95, they also serve breakfast with good prices. I looked at the menu and the mimosas and bloody mary's were also reasonably priced. Like I said they are across from the Boston's Pizza in the same little strip mall that has the Blockbuster and a make your own wine store on Ho'olai street.

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      thanks for the report; we might be visiting your side of the island next month. Is the full name "Kailua Town Pub and Grill", 26 Hoolai, just off Kailua Rd.? The yelp reviews were harshly negative, if that's the place, but I'll take your rec. +beers+prices. We'll need a good, reasonable breakfast spot with top quality coffee, so if you try their breakfast, let us know. mahalo

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        I really have to STOP reading your reviews right before lunch. You are evil and must be destroyed!

        Sounds really good, I am curious what constitutes an "extra" on the burger and what condiments are included. I can see the grilled onion being extra (and of course bacon, cheese, etc), but what about tomato or lettuce or plain onion slice?

        Now I have to sit here for another half hour or so and listen to my stomach grumble.

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          Here's a reply to both of you. Moto - yes that is the place. I can only relate my two lunches there and cannot account for the yelpers' meals. Breakfast there is only weekends. If you
          are in Kailua I can attest to Morning Brew serving really good breakfast (and now lunches and dinner fare with their expansion as well as beer & wine). They have wonderful coffee and a great atmosphere I was there Friday before the pub and it was packed and delicious as always.

          K-Man: The lettuce/tomato/onion are included but when I said "extras" it was for cheese, bacon, and whatever else was on the list maybe jalapeno peppers? I don't remember since I only wanted cheese and bacon. The grilling of the onions was really nice and finished it off completely. Your stomach is growling!? Mine too now! They did not charge extra for the onions to be grilled which was nice.

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            manomin, mahalo for the info. If our plans work out, we'll actually be staying in Waimanalo, from my tourist understanding more tranquil, but with fewer options to eat. All of your posts have been very helpful. cheers

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              I 2nd manomin's call on Morning Brew... its the only place in town that makes decent coffee... their pastries are consistently good & their breakfasts as well. Probably the only place in town that has a decent breakfast burrito.. not Eat_Nopal certifiable but decent.

              I haven't been to the Pub yet... but manomin mention's it is new... I have seen it there since we moved to Kailua in October... so maybe its under new management and hence the Yelp reviews irrelevant?

              In any case... Yelp is the biggest collections of culinary have nots on the internet... last place I would trust... even worse than Frommer's, Lonely Planet & Zagat.

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                Aloha EN - where ya been? I don't read Yelp so I don't know when the people wrote.
                The latest Honolulu Magazine which I read while waiting in line at Safeway yesterday
                puts the focus on Kailua. The have a good mention of the Pub. Many members of my swim 'club' have gone and had great lunches there too maybe timing is everything I'm not sure maybe we've all been "lucky." I am very picky and really
                enjoyed the food, the "Drop Top" ale was really good too.

                Morning Brew is consistent with their coffee and coffee drinks. I don't go for the fancy ones just either a regular brew or Americano and they always are perfect.
                They use Koko Crater roasted coffee which is excellent (they have a stand at the KCC market on Saturday) and unfortunately are known for the sad murder of their
                owner Karen Ertell. Thankfully her family and friends carried on the business.

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                  Hi M.. I have been on sabbatical =)

                  I look forward to some good beers at the Pub... any chance they screen soccer games as well. I have been wondering where I am going to watch the World Cup next year... brown ales, fried fish & soccer at 5AM is what its all about!

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            Burger sounds delish! I'm wondering if there are any other British things on the menu. Everything else sounds like a sports bar (wings) or New York deli (reuben) food. The steak and mash sound promising. No cornish pasties or shepherd's pie?

          3. I stopped by a for a beer on the way home

            "They went all out on changing the face of the
            building to look like a real English pub."

            No kidding... not only that... but anybody who walks in will swear the place has been there at least 40 years... all the furniture & fixtures look well worn... very authentic. The only tip that its relatively new is the dart machines & TVs still look new.

            30 Beers on Tap.... yes and I appreciate the direction they are moving Kailua forward... but still not much interesting that I could spot on the menu. The most esoteric being the Blue Moon & Local beers (Kona Brewing?). But the only European beers were the mainstream stuff.... Guiness, Newcastle, Killian etc., No interesting, Belgian Ales or Lambics etc.,

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              manomin, are the burgers charbroiled or "griddled"??? (fried)