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MSP - Favorite sauce at the Strip Club?

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We went to the Strip club in St. Paul for the first time last night. Great grass fed steak, great service. I had the NY strip with the Le Moulin Rouge sauce. It was really rich: wine, mushrooms and (I think) a lot of butter. I loved it. Anyone else tried their other steak sauces? Our server said the blue cheese is his fave, My fiance had the rib-eye served over greens with peanuts and green onions. Totally different and also yummy.

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  1. Aloha! We're coming back to MN in May. We have plans to go to the Strip Club, what else can
    anyone suggest to have there? It sounds great! I love their website with the video.

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      im a big fan of many of the small plates. the devil's eggs are really good with a nice curry bite and chili oil.

      pretty much the only thing ive had there that wasnt a total winner was the swedish meatballs, and i cant say for certain if it was me or the meatballs.

    2. I once had the "love you long time" sauce and it was very good (some sort of teriyaki-like thing).

      1. i actually like the strip club steaks erm, nekkid. . .

        all manner of stupid puns intended, sorry :)

        the chef is doing wonderful things in that kitchen, and although the grass-fed steak is great the other local farm meats are equal stars. my favorite sauce at the strip club might be the bacon ketchup that comes with the fries-- but please *don't* order this sauce for the steak, for the love of all that's rare and juicy!